2004-03-25 @ 4:22 CET
Name: Cousin Jenny and Malte
City: Stockholm
Message: Hej Sam! Vilken stor kille du blivit, med egen säng och allt. Hoppas att öronen blir bättre inom kort. Snart kommer vi och hälsar på dig. Ska bli jättekul! /kram Malte och hans mamma

2004-03-21 @ 16:56 CET
Name: Grama Susan
City: Randolph, Vermont
Message: Hi, Sam. So you learned how to do the slide all by yourself! WoW! You are growing up so fast!! It was wonderful to have you spend some time with Granpa Steve and me last November. We hope you'll come again soon! Love, Grama Susan

2004-03-13 @ 15:28 CET
Name: Micke
City: Grythyttan
Message: Hej Håkan med familj. Kul att du har blivit pappa. Stort grattis från Micke. Hör gärna av dig.

2004-02-24 @ 11:16 CET
Name: Karen
City: Colorado
Message: Hello all! Thank you so much for the new pictures!! Sam is growing so, so fast. What a handsome new haircut. He looks so different. I can hardly wait to visit with him and his parents! With love from Karen, Ernie and Seviah

2003-11-02 @ 20:51 CET
Name: Derek
City: Jamaica Plain
Message: Hello M, D & especially S! How are you? What wonderful galleries! Nancy & I definitely need to see this beautiful country. Drop me a line if/when you get a chance? Would love to hear how everything is going.

2003-10-24 @ 0:40 CET
Name: Uncle Mike
City: Peabody
Message: Hej from Boston ! Nice moves with the walking bit. I hope all is well. Say hi to mom and pop for me. Mike

2003-07-30 @ 22:39 CET
Name: Andy
City: Newburyport
Message: Love the video - once he can go by himself you are in for a lot of chasing! Jonah, Michelle and Andy say Hi!

2003-07-25 @ 19:19 CET
Name: Karen and family
City: Boulder
Message: Just looked at some photos on your site..... Who is the most handsome and adorable little guy?!? Loved seeing the pics- thanks to your parents for sharing them! xo

2003-07-03 @ 13:06 CET
Name: Alla Thyr i Örebro
City: Örebro
Message: Sam! Grattis på födelsedagen! Hoppas att det blir en rikigt fin dag! Vi vill gärna att du tar med dig mamma och pappa till Bricka i sommar, ni är alltid välkomna! Kramar från oss alla Thyr i Örebro

2003-07-03 @ 11:59 CET
Name: Jenny
City: Stockholm
Message: Jättegrattis på födelsedagen lilla Sam! Blir det kalas månntro? Snart kommer nog din framtida lekkompis att titta ut i stora världen, två veckor kvar till beräknad ankomst. Kramar från Cousin Jenny