July, 2003
More Maisy
Sam scored more Maisy books for his birthday.
Even more presents, this time from M&D.
Even more
This batch is from Aunt Karen.
Sam loves his bus
Sam got a great toy bus from Great Grandma Lynn.
Time for cake
Sam's first birthday cake
I'm one!
Sam explains how old he is.
In the sand box
Sam, Lisa and Kajsa having fun in the sand box.
Stereo Maisy
Sam and Mommy with a Maisy book and a Maisy doll.
Stereo tunes
Sam likes to play duelling musical toys.
On Dad's back on top of Hammarbybacken with our area in the background.
Lunch out
With Mommy on the blanket with Nacka in the background.
Watching the planes
Sam is checking out the planes that fly right over head.
Going home
Sam is laughing about something on the way home.
They just keep coming
Another box of birthday presents arrived.
Maisy again
To Sam's great joy, he got another Maisy book.
Great Grandma Lynn and Great Aunt Annabel came to visit for a few days.
Reading Maisy
Great Grandma Lynn reads Maisy's Fire Engine to Sam.
Lunch at Drottningholm
Grabbing something to eat before leaving Drottningholm.
On the boat
In the café on the boat ride back to Stockholm.
Birthday pants
Sam is posing in his cool birthday pants from Aunt Ĺsa.
Play date
In the park at Nytorget with the English-speaking play group.
Water play
Sam liked splashing around at the beach in Sickla.
Dad says hello to cousin Martin's son Malte, and has strong flashbacks to last summer.