May, 2003
Concert time
Initially, Sam was skeptical to the sound of the Mommy's flute, but now he sits and listens.
More books
Reading Molly books with Daddy is one of the highpoints of the day.
Sam may only have two teeth, but he loves to brush them.
Play date
Ellinor and Mommy are chatting while the boys are checking out Sam's drum (Jennie managed to duck out of the picture).
The boys
Max, Sam and Viktor doing good sharing of toys.
Passed out
Sam's new friend Lex is still awake, but Sam is napping.
Sam and Mommy went for a Picnic at Nytorget with Micky, Emma, Tom and Elma.
Sam's version of bouncing consists of banging the ball on the floor.
The mop is a great toy, Sam thinks.
...and dusting
Sam is so into cleaning, we are considering charging people for babysitting him.
The curtains in the kitchen provide hours of entertainment.
Chewing on car
Sam is getting more teeth, and his wooden car is a great teething toy.
In the playground
With Mommy at the playground right outside our window.
Splashing in the birdbath
There's nothing like a bath on a hot day.
Playing on the balcony
Sam is very fond of the balcony. We usually have a hard time getting him to come back in.
Visiting Martin
We went to inspect Martin and Jenny's new place. Sam found it to be good for playing.