March, 2003
New Kid And The Block
The alphabet blocks are great for chewing.
Table technique
Sam still needs some work on his eating skills...
Sam is getting better at standing up with something to hold on to.
Lunch out
Eating at Tevere in the spring sun.
Sunny side of the street
The spring sun called for a sun hat.
Riding the ferry
Taking the ferry back home to Sjöstaden.
Sam tried out the swing in the playground by our house for the first time.
More swinging
Turns out the swing is a good time.
We'll have to come back for more swinging.
Riding with Daddy
Sam got a ride home, which he enjoyed.
Sam and Mommy went out for coffee with Anna and Fanny, Anna-Karin and Ebba, and Anna and Mio.
Watching the flag
Sam's favorite part of the ferry ride home is watching the flag wave in the wind.
Playing at the table
Sam likes to practice his standing on Dad's chair.