December, 2002
Lunch on Östermalm
Grabbing some food after visiting the National Gallery with Gramma and Grampa.
Rocking with Gramma
Sam is having a good time in the rocking chair with Gramma.
Group shot in Falun
Everyone is lined up at Björn and Lena's place.
Early present
Sam and Mommy are opening an early Chistmas present from Björn and Lena.
Riding with Grampa
Sam is hanging out with Grampa after the ride home from Falun.
New shoes
Gramma bought Sam a nice pair of shoes.
Boyz in da hood
Mio, Sam and Karl Axel strike a pose.
Lounging with Erik
Sam's friend Erik stopped by and hung out.
Visit from London
Our friend Anna Karin is back in Sweden for Christmas, and stopped by for fika.
Hans N passed through on his way from Spain to Dalsland.
Merry Christmas!
Santa's little helper posing in front of the tree.
Typing away
Sam has discovered that typing is a lot of fun.
Fan club
Sam is sporting a shirt promoting cousin Martin's band Smashed.
Mommy is helping Sam open his presents.
More presents!
Two nationalities means two days with Christmas presents.
Beer with the boys
Having a brew with Farfar and Dad.
Happy New Year!
Playing with Farmor on New Years Eve.