October, 2002
Taking a break
Sam and Dad are taking a break from unpacking at the new place.
Sitting up
He's not just getting bigger, he's getting stronger as well.
Sam and Magnus
M & D's friend Magnus came to visit, and Sam thought he was a fun guy.
Sam likes it when Dad lifts him up.
Looking at giraffe
Sam is showing off how good he is at holding his head up.
Hangin' with Yogi
Sam and Yogi Bear are hanging out on the couch.
Catching the ferry
Getting on to the ferry over to Söder.
New blanket
Sam is enjoying his new blanket from Gramma.
Sam loves to eat his toy squid.
On our street
Although it looks more like a construction site.
The pier
A nicer view of our area.
Malin & Thomas stop by
The obligatory group shot on the couch.
More visitors
Aunt Maud and Uncle Greger stop by to see Sam and to inspect the new place.
Play date
Evalena and Karl Axel came over to visit.
Three cousins and an aunt
Emma, Hanna, Ingmarie and Martin all came to visit.
Emma and the monkey make for an entertaining combination.
In the gym
Sam surrounded by toys on all sides.
Sam doesn't find the newly carved pumpkin all that scary.