September, 2002
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Playing with Jenny
Sam is having fun with Cousin Jenny.
Watching the boats
Sam likes to hang out and watch his sailboat mobile.
Amazed by the outside
Looking out the window over Mommy's shoulder.
At Bellman's
Having coffee at The Bellman Museum. Per and Max are amused by Sam's hat.
Meeting Jennie
Sam and Jennie get to know each other.
Mommy reads The Cat Who Went to Heaven, which Sam finds highly amusing.
Sam has grown enough to fit into his stylish outfit from Aunt Åsa.
Staying warm
Thanks to the Ludvika Thyrs for the suit and to Great Aunt Nancy for the blanket.
In the sling
Sam hangs out in the sling for hours.
Distracting Dad
Dad is happy to ignore the PC to play with Sam.
Unflattering angle
OK, so Sam is growing fast, but he's not as fat as this picture would have you believe.
Enjoying a latte with Mommy
Sam and Beth in matching sweaters courtesy of Gramma Susie, having a latte at Cinnamon.
Riding with Dad
Sam and Dad are getting used to the Baby Björn.
Mommy manages to surf the web and carry Sam around at the same time.
New sweater
Trying out the nice sweater that farmor sent.
Bath time
One of Sam's last baths in the baby tub. Soon, he'll be too big.
Drying off
Warm and dry on the changing table after the bath.
Staring at panda
Sam is thinking about touching his toy panda.
Mommy kiss
Riding on Mommy's shoulder in the cool fall air.
Riding with Dad
Sam is too bundled up to close the Baby Björn, but it seems to work OK anyway.
Meeting Uncle Hans
Sam is checking out some guy who looks an awful lot like Dad.
Playing with Martin
Last day in the old apartment. Martin takes a break from helping with the move to play with Sam.