August, 2002
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Noon nap
Sam and Håkan passed out on the bed.
Posing with Lauren
Auntie Lauren stopped by, so we got a shot with her on the balcony in the evening sun.
Trying to release some pressure on Dad's shoulder.
Inspection time
Aunt Åsa and Uncle Ronnie were passing through town and stopped by for a quick inspection.
Three generations
We went to visit Farmor and Farfar in Ed for a weekend
Charming Farmor
Sam is trying to be as cute as possible to win Märta's heart. It's working pretty well.
First date
Passing through Göteborg, we met up with Katta, Toffe and Tilde at the station.
Having a laugh
Sam and Håkan on the balcony, laughing at something.
Snuggling with Mommy
Sam's favorite place when he is sad.
Sam and Beth enjoying Beth's birthday picnic on Långholmen.
Posing with Uncle Thomas in front of the view of Västerbron.
Napping with Mommy
Beth and Sam enjoying some quiet time on the bed.
Meeting Grammy
Betsey's first encounter with Sam.
Hangin' with Grampy
Dick and Sam spending some time.
Sam is starting to learn about holding on to things.
Lunch in the garden
Sam is trying out his new sun hat from Auntie Beth during lunch in Rosendals trädgård on Djurgården.
Fun with Ulrika
Sam had a great time hanging out with Cousin Ulrika.
Dinner at Herman's
Enjoying one of the best views in town with Mommy.