July, 2002
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Ready for take-off
It's 5 am and your water just broke. What do you do? You take a picture.
A few intense hours later, the first picture of mother and son.
Recovering from delivery.
First peek
Slowly starting to open his eyes.
They match
Just making sure we got the right one...
Awestruck dad
Håkan is trying to grasp that Sam is actually for real.
Going home
Sam is taking a nap while waiting for the cab home.
Time for a change
Sam has things to say on the changing table.
Mr Softee
Sam is enjoying his nice and soft sheep skin.
Nodding off
Falling asleep in Dad's hands.
Here again
One of many visits to the changing table.
Sam thinks that's enough with the photos for today.
Chillin' with mom
Sam and Beth take a nap together on the couch.
Aunt Lena and Uncle Björn brought the family cradle, which seems to work just fine.
Beth and Sam look adorable together.
On the road
Walking along Mälaren on another beautiful day in Stockholm.
Having some fun with Dad on the bed.