October, 2003

Last Friday Sam went out bouldering for the first time. ;) He enjoyed sitting in the leaves while Daddy did a few problems and Mommy did some moves. The next day Sam, M&D went down to Nyköping to celebrate Malte’s name-giving. Sam had fun playing around all the new friendly people, especially 2-year old Ellen. After the party S, M&D went to dinner at Aunt Maud’s & Uncle Greger’s. Cousins Ulrika and Sören were there too. Sam was very interested in the skylight and in a wooden “strandskata” (a kind of ocean bird) at M&G’s apartment.
In Mommy’s last update she forgot to mention that Sam has said his first real word. One Sunday Daddy wanted to bring M&S to a café he had found in Gamla Stan. Mommy thought she timed their departure for Sam’s naptime but he didn’t think so. He ended up doing more walking than he had done before or since, which he seemed to enjoy quite a bit. At the café Mommy didn’t have enough of a snack for Sam so she bought a ham sandwich. Ham turned out to be quite popular and quite pronounceable! So now Sam frequently has pieces of ham to eat. Other things Sam has done lately:
  • gotten more interested in what’s on TV, especially if it happens to be cars
  • begun to turn himself around and shown more interest in dancing
  • listen to M playing "Twinkle Twinkle" on the recorder
  • shown a little more interest in puzzles
  • continued to use some signs and learn some new ones

Mommy has been preoccupied lately but will now try to briefly cover the last several weeks. Towards the end of Grandma's visit Sam got a high fever. He ended up having a fever for several days. He was then healthy for a little while until he caught a cold. Sam has been sick ever since; he is now almost done with penicillin as the doctor at Sachsska, where M&D finally took him, said it looked like Sam had an ear infection. Sam still doesn't seem really healthy as his nose continues to run and he is still very congested but Mommy is very much hoping that he's at least on the road to recovery. M&D will try to take Sam to an actual ENT for his follow-up visit.
Sam left the apartment at Hammarby Sjöstad; M, D and Sam went from there to their very kind friend Hans's apt.. Soon Mommy and Sam will go to the States for a visit.
Right before Grandma left D got his Swedish license. M&D were able to borrow Cousin Martin's car for a trip to Ed. It was a VERY long drive as Sam could really only tolerate a couple hours of being awake in the car but Sam enjoyed the good company and the fresh air when they all finally arrived. Sam was a bit shy with Farmor too. Sam had a lot of fun with brooms during the trip, both at the house and down at Hagalid where Farfar is staying. On the way down Sam got his first Happy Meal toy which went over quite well.
At the end of September Sam and M&D went over to help wish Cousin Martin a happy birthday. Sam had a good time eating peas and playing with some of Malte's toys. M ended up getting Sam his own Kalikå figure now named Prince because of his purple hair. He is very good for tickles. ;)
Among the things Sam likes to do now:
  • sleep only in his stroller for naps
  • work on perfecting his technique for making shapes with sand in the sandbox
  • sing the last words of "Twinkle Twinkle," e.g. "star," "are," "high," etc..
  • draw, especially if D is up for drawing rabbits or M wants to draw stars
  • do the hand motions for "Eensy Weensy Spider," his current absolute favorite song/activity
  • chase balls of all sizes and even practice kicking after being inspired by TV
  • hide behind M or D and get tickles from Prince
  • yell "a-boom" and knock over Hans's water bottles
  • build excellent bucket towers
  • push his plate away when finished and attempt to copy the sign for "finished"
  • do his shape sorters.
One thing both Sam and Mommy are not thrilled about is the change of seasons. It now takes quite some time to get ready to go outside. :( Mommy is also really hoping that Sam will be well enough to go to the English-speaking play group next Friday although she may not take the chance as it is even more important that Sam be as healthy as possible for their upcoming trip.