October, 2002

Mommy is really going to make this short. Sam's eyes are better today; M&D will continue w/ the saline. Sam LOVED practicing rolling today. He spent a bunch of time with Daddy in the evening and got very VERY close. It also seems like Sam's legs have gotten much stronger and he put weight on them for quite awhile. Sam liked listening to 'Big Green Monster' today. Sam was very talkative today; his sound repertoire continues to grow. The binky was called into service on Sam's walk and worked well. M's pinky worked later in the day when Sam was in the sling. Sam had a great time in the bath and seemed to know it was coming when he came into the bathroom. Sam turned his head towards Daddy when Daddy spoke to him from the doorway.

Sam's eyes were bad again this morning. M&D instituted a 'saline every diaper change' policy to try to help them get better without needing antibiotics. Because Sam's eye infection is contagious M&Sam skipped the Thursday fika. Sam was pretty talkative today. He liked listening to 'Masquerade' in Mommy's lap. Sam played with Daddy for awhile in the evening. Sam is having more and more fun being on his tummy and practicing rolling. He's also getting better at standing on his feet. One time when M was helping him roll Sam got a foot stuck and he was very sad for a bit. Sam is expanding his 'in the mouth' repertoire to include Stefani and purple monkey. Sam seems to like his baby gym better if monkey is down. M&D tried a late afternoon walk. It took a little time to get Sam to take his binky but when he did it wasn't long before he fell asleep. Mommy continues to have mixed feelings about binkies, but when you get right down to it, she feels that it makes Sam feel happy and is thus not all bad. She would prefer that he sucked his thumb but right now he doesn't seem to have the fine motor skills to get just his thumb in his mouth, and even if he did, he wouldn't be able to access it outside. Since Mommy doesn't want to give up going outside, she thinks the binky is ok. She is going to do her best to use it judiciously and to preferably be holding Sam or next to him when he starts using it. Penelope Leach says that if baby is in general happier by 6 months it may be possible to lose the binky at that point. Sam went to sleep at a decent hour tonight, 9:45. Mommy joined him shortly afterwards.

Sam's eyes were bad again this morning. M&D instituted a 'saline every diaper change' policy to try to help them get better without needing antibiotics. Because Sam's eye infection is contagious M&Sam skipped the Thursday fika. Sam was pretty talkative today. He liked listening to 'Masquerade' in Mommy's lap. Sam played with Daddy for awhile in the evening. Sam is having more and more fun being on his tummy and practicing rolling. He's also getting better at standing on his feet. One time when M was helping him roll Sam got a foot stuck and he was very sad for a bit.
Sam is expanding his 'in the mouth' repertoire to include Stefani and purple monkey. Sam seems to like his baby gym better if monkey is down.
M&D tried a late afternoon walk. It took a little time to get Sam to take his binky but when he did it wasn't long before he fell asleep. Mommy continues to have mixed feelings about binkies, but when you get right down to it, she feels that it makes Sam feel happy and is thus not all bad. She would prefer that he sucked his thumb but right now he doesn't seem to have the fine motor skills to get just his thumb in his mouth, and even if he did, he wouldn't be able to access it outside. Since Mommy doesn't want to give up going outside, she thinks the binky is ok. She is going to do her best to use it judiciously and to preferably be holding Sam or next to him when he starts using it. Penelope Leach says that if baby is in general happier by 6 months it may be possible to lose the binky at that point.
Sam went to sleep at a decent hour tonight, 9:45. Mommy joined him shortly afterwards.

Sam's eyes were worse again this morning. Daddy made some new saline for them. Sam also still seems a little congested. M wonders if that will just be status quo for the winter. Sam fell asleep easily in the stroller on the way to the doctor's office (M's toe again). Sam woke up at Frapino. He had a snack and a couple of diaper changes. Sam liked riding the bus home for awhile. He likes looking out the window if the bus is moving. When he started to seem discontent M tried the pacifier again. After a bit it was a success and Sam slept for the rest of the trip.
In the afternoon Sam had a lot to say to panda and giraffe again. He also picked panda up for the first time. Sam liked picking up Stefani too (a beanie baby lion). Sam fell asleep to the hair dryer while being carried by M for an afternoon nap.

Today was an exciting day for Sam. As soon as Sam was ready for his morning nap it was off to town. M&D took bus 74. At Baby Planet Sam got some thicker socks and a pacifier. Sam woke up and was awake for the bus ride to Vasastan where M needed to go to Gray's American Food Store for Grape Nuts. Sam thought the bus ride was OK as long as the bus was in motion. He was a bit insulted that not everybody wanted to say hi to him. ;) Sam fell asleep again as soon as M&D had left Gray's, and stayed asleep for the subway ride home. Sam had a brief nap from 2:30 to 3 and woke up just in time for his first real play date. Evalena and Karl Axel came over. Sam and Karl Axel made some eye contact but mostly just seemed to tune into the fact that another baby was there. Sam also liked meeting Evalena again. M found it quite entertaining to see the two boys together. Sam did good sharing and let Karl Axel play with his giraffe. When they left Sam was quite tired but didn't want to eat. Mommy tried out the new pacifier with Sam in the rocking chair and after a short adjustment period Sam fell sound asleep.
Later Sam nearly rolled over for the first time while practicing rolling on the bed. He is very close now. He thought it was great fun to have Mommy help him with that. He liked listening to 'Masquerade'. Sam wanted to be in the sling again in the evening. It seemed he had fallen asleep but he woke up as soon as M put him down. It took Sam a long time to fall asleep. It was the hair dryer and riding with Daddy that did the trick; Sam was in bed about 10pm.

Sam had an up-and-down sort of day today. For much of the day he was really happy and talkative, but he had a few bouts of intense sadness too. He actually fell asleep in the sling which he hasn't done for quite awhile. Sam was not at all happy about going for a walk. In fact Mommy and Sam turned back. Daddy continued on to the store. When Mommy was on the boat in the warm room a woman made faces at Sam which cheered him up. He ended up falling asleep on the boat so M&D (who had gotten a pumpkin among other things at the store) went for a quick walk on the piers rather than going straight home. Sam was also very sad after getting out of his bath. That could be partly because Mommy is not nearly as quick and effective at getting Sam dry and into his PJs as Daddy is. He calmed down somewhat when the water was running out of the tub and was able to eat when the hair dryer was running in the living room. He fell asleep around 9 and Mommy sure hopes he will sleep at least until Mommy's one TV show for the week is over (The West Wing).
Mommy really wonders what the problem is with walks. This was another late afternoon walk, that may have been one thing. And then it's so hard to tell if Sam is over- or under-dressed.
On the positive side, Sam had a LOT to say to both panda and giraffe today. He made some very adorable sounds. Sam also got pretty close to rolling over. He likes practicing that on the bed best, probably cuz it's soft and big enough for any sort of rolling he might be interested in. Sam looked around even more than usual while on his tummy today.

Sam was sad the two times he woke up last night but he was able to fall back asleep each time. He played with Mommy's hair in the morning which he hasn't done before. When he woke up at about 7:30 Sam seemed to feel much better. His temp was a bit under normal. Sam played for awhile but then seemed to be in pain again. He also isn't eating quite as effectively as usual. Mommy keeps trying to feed him sitting up b/c she thinks that would be better given his stuffed-up nose but that really tends to be challenging. M&D gave Sam the nose drops after one feeding attempt. Sam fell asleep for a much-needed nap rocking with Mommy and listening to the hair dryer at around 9. Mommy knows that some readers may object but she also wishes to mention that Sam's poopies were looking much better today which was also heartening. And Sam smiled several times at Daddy.
Mommy realizes that she better get used to Sam being sick sometimes. Yesterday she was so, so worried and she still feels worried today but she thinks Sam will probably pull through this. She is very thankful that Sam has been as healthy as he has been so far.
Sam got to meet his Aunt Maud and Uncle Greger again today. He especially liked Aunt Maud's hair. He likes blondes. ;) Sam went for a walk today but wasn't completely happy about it. He liked being at the cafe though and smiled at people. Sam was more talkative tonight and Mommy was happy cuz he seemed back to his normal self. Sam spent a bunch of time with Daddy. He fell asleep around 8pm after being fed. Sam woke up again and had a bath around 9. Mommy fed him around 9:45 and the two of them fell asleep. Despite repeated gentle attempts to wake her by Daddy, Mommy wasn't able to get up until 1 to change into her nightgown.

Today Mommy has been very worried about Sam. Sam woke up slowly and had a low fever. Since the liquid Alvedon approach hadn't been working very well Daddy went off to look for other options. M&D tried to give Sam Alvedon as a suppository twice but that didn't work. D had also got a special 'shot' type oral dispenser. That worked. Sam got his dose at 10:45 by which time his temp was 38.5. He then had a cool bath with Mommy. Sam slept in M&D's arms for much of the morning and didn't eat with his usual gusto. In the afternoon he did eat a little bit which Mommy was very thankful for. His temp at 2 was normal. Sam slept for most of the afternoon. When he finally woke up Daddy had gone to Uncle Martin's b-day party. Mommy took Sam's temp and it was up again to 37.7. Time for more Alvedon. After that Sam felt like playing a little which made Mommy very happy. But he was sad again before finally falling asleep to the hair dryer in D's arms about 10:45.

This morning Sam ended up taking a very long walk as Mommy again had to go to the doctor for her toe and M&D decided to go to Söderhallarna afterwards. In the afternoon M thought Sam felt hot. He had a low fever. M&D tried to give him liquid Alvedon using a drinking cup but it didn't work very well. Some did get in and Sam had a nap. Later Uncle Thomas and Auntie Malin came over. Sam was happy to see them. He spent time with M in the rocking chair sucking his thumb while listening to the grownups chat. He seemed nearly asleep for much of that time, but woke right up after M fed him. He said goodbye to Malin and Thomas and then got a little sad. M&D turned on the hair dryer which cheered Sam right up and Sam then chatted quite a bit. But Mommy thought Sam felt hot again and his temp was borderline. He got more Alvedon. He eventually fell asleep walking around with Daddy sometime past 11pm. Mommy was already asleep.

Sam ended up waking up again last night. He wanted to hang out with Mommy for quite awhile before he was ready to go back to sleep. He didn't really fall asleep until nearly 11. This morning M&D had quite a scare because when they woke up D said it was 10:30. Luckily he was wrong and it was 8:30 but they didn't figure that out for a bit so M was feeling very guilty about getting Sam on such a late schedule. :)
Sam ended up being awake until a little past 11. Mommy tried playing the flute again and again it made Sam very sad. Mommy wishes it didn't cuz she would like Sam to hear live music other than just her singing. Maybe if Mommy plays while Sam is napping in the mornings he will get used to it. At 11 Sam wanted to go to sleep but Mommy had other plans. She got him ready and off they went to the city. Sam fell asleep quickly. They got to the July group fika quite late, about 12:30, but luckily a lot of Sam and Mommy's friends were still there. Sam slept for quite a long time. When he woke up he wasn't hungry. After a few minutes it was time for a diaper change. He grinned at some ladies who were waiting for the bathroom even though they hadn't even said hi to him. Back at the table Sam especially liked looking at Esmeralda and Alexander. Mommy thinks it's funny that Sam tends to smile at her more when they're out. Sam seemed to really enjoy himself today and so did Mommy. She is so glad that the July group has this coffee time set up. Sam fell asleep quickly in his stroller and M decided to take the boat all the way back home. Sam seemed like he was waking up but changed his mind (probably thanks to the boat motion and noise). At home Sam was very happy to see Daddy. He fell asleep under his new blue blanket at about 6.

Sam had a good day today up until about 9:15. Then he got seriously sad but a little hair dryer and Mommy's arms action put him to sleep (hopefully that will last). Sam's cold is a bit worse today but his eyes are still better. Sam wore his cozy new down bunting in the stroller today. Sam continues to have mixed feelings about his baby gym although he did coo at the bear a few times. He seems to really like bears. Of course his octopus continues to be the best. He liked watching Mommy do the dishes again which Mommy thinks is funny. Sam liked his bath with Daddy. Mommy is looking forward to bathing with Sam as soon as her toe is a bit better. Sam is listening to 'The Lorax' now and found it entertaining. He tracked Daddy around the room today.

It's getting harder for M to update the diary as Sam has taken to falling asleep later and later. Tonight he wasn't asleep until 10:45 and even that was a tenuous sort of sleep. Sam had a more difficult day today. M finds it interesting that he almost seems to alternate. Sam was sad off and on today. Things he enjoyed: playing with Daddy, listening to Mommy sing, touching M&D's hair, watching boats, being on his tummy, rolling back over, being pulled into a sitting position by Mommy, being in M's lap on the rocking chair. Sam had limited tolerance for his baby gym and the flying men today. He wasn't happy about getting dressed to go outside but slept peacefully once out. Mommy really hopes that tomorrow Sam will fall asleep a bit earlier... :)

Sam didn't wake up to eat until around 5:30 (not surprising considering his late bedtime). He got up again at about 6:30 but Mommy was very tired so she delegated the task of putting Sam back to sleep to Daddy. After about 20 minutes of walking around Sam was asleep. Everybody slept until about 8:30. M realizes she should have motivated to get up earlier so Sam will sleep earlier but she just couldn't do it today.
Sam liked his new 'Big Green Monster' book. He liked eating his octopus again today. Sam seems to have mixed feelings about his flying men. Sometimes he seems to really like them and other times they are too scary. This morning they were too scary. Sam fell asleep for his morning nap sitting up on the couch next to Big Bear.

Sam had a good day today. He enjoyed having lunch at a funky cafe on Söder after Mommy's toe appointment. Sam slept in a semi-sitting position in his stroller. He liked talking to Big Bear and was happy to see his boats. Sam wasn't sad for very long today and most of the sadness was clothes-related.

Sam had a rough night last night. The first time he woke up Mommy thought he had nodded off enough for her to sneak off to the bathroom. Sam was crying when M got back. He woke up several more times and cried some before getting up at 7:30. Sam spent a bunch of time with Daddy in the morning. He got nose drops again (he wasn't thrilled about that) as his nose is again somewhat plugged but at least his eyes look ok. Sam sat in his high chair during breakfast. Mommy realized Daddy is going to have to go back to IKEA yet again to get a tray for the high chair so Sam can have some toys within reach, b/c although M&D are entertaining, it's nice to have other options.
Sam went for a walk today. M was able to come along thanks to the clogs from Gramma that were kind to her toe and thanks to D pushing the stroller. Sam wasn't terribly upset about getting dressed and slept during the walk.
Sam grabbed the octopus from his bouncy chair arch and put the feet in his mouth. He seemed to think that was great fun. He also spent a lot of time with Daddy today. Sam loves to look at Daddy's face.
In general Sam was less talkative today and more on the verge of upset. He didn't get really sad though until about 9. He had gone to sleep on his side and M had to decide: should she roll him over to his back and risk waking him up that way or leave him on his side, knowing that he may wake himself up? She left him on his side, he woke himself up, and it was hours before Sam went back to sleep. At first he wanted to play, then he was seemed sad b/c the overhead light wasn't on, then he was just sad. Sam didn't fall asleep again until about 10:15 (!).

Mommy woke Sam up at about 8 this morning. When Sam got tired Mommy fed him and everyone ended up napping till 9:45. :) Sam's eyes looked better this morning. Mommy wonders if skipping the bath yesterday helped? Today Sam didn't go outside at all as Mommy's toe hurt. Mommy feels sure he didn't miss getting upset about getting dressed but he may have missed the actual walk. He slept very little after his initial nap.
Today Sam felt very cheerful and talkative. Sam was excited to see his flying clowns above his changing table. He chatted with them. He almost seems to like them more than his boats at this point. Mommy thinks that's because they have 'faces'. Sam also enjoyed playing with his baby gym. He got a very good grip on the rattle to his left and Mommy wondered about the structural stability of the gym, but it seems pretty rugged. M is glad Sam likes that b/c she was feeling he wasn't getting enough time doing whole body movement. Sam also had a great time on his tummy today. He played peek-a-boo with panda while on his tummy. He can really raise his head now.
In the afternoon Sam watched some soccer with D. When he tired of soccer D helped him 'fly' for awhile. Sam thought that was the best. D also helped him do some standing.
Sam's aim and grip are getting better. M put the monkey from the gym on Sam's bouncy chair arch and Sam was able to grab him. Sam liked being in his bouncy chair and watching M do the dishes. At dinner Sam sat in his new high chair. He seemed to think that was great fun. He had a lot to say about it and blew a bunch of bubbles too. He made even more new sounds today and seemed intent on communicating. Sam had a bath with Daddy and that also went well. All in all Sam had a very good day. He was hardly sad at all. He fell asleep around 9.

Sam's eyes were worse when he woke up. M&D were all set to call Anki when they remembered that it is Friday, and Anki wouldn't be in. So Sam will have to wait until Monday. Mommy was reading in the brochure she got at the last mammagrupp and read saw that being cold can lower the immune system. That makes Mommy wonder: 1) if Sam needs to be much more thoroughly dressed inside, as the apt. tends to be sorta chilly 2) if Sam should maybe only go for short walks outside now that it's down in the 30s. This morning M had to go to the doctor for her toe. D&Sam came along. Sam was very, very unhappy about being dressed for outside but after being held for a bit then fell asleep and had a long nap. M thinks Sam didn't feel very good today because he was pretty sad. But he was happy about seeing his boats again! D went to IKEA and now the boats are back. Sam also now has a baby gym, some flying clowns, and a high chair! M is very excited about trying the high chair tomorrow. The baby gym was a bit much for Sam today. But Sam had fun trying to get the giraffe earlier as Mommy held it. He also liked the Maisy book again. Sam did some really good tummy work today. He lifted his head really high. He frequently smiles when M rolls him back over too. Sam got his nails cut today which he tolerated quite well. He was not nearly as excited about the nose drops and suctioning. D did the suctioning and although Sam was very mad it was quite productive so M&D felt it had been worth it. Later on when Sam was sad M decided to try playing the flute. Well that definitely didn't work. Sam was terrified. M will have to play while he's awake and happy so he gets used to it. She feels strongly that if he does get used to it he may eventually find it relaxing, and plus M doesn't have a piano, so the flute will have to do for now. It took Sam several attempts to fall asleep which he did for real around 9.

Mommy set the alarm for 8 today. Everyone was up by quarter past. Sam was about to fall asleep around 10 so M decided the time had come to be 'mean' and she started getting him ready to go out. D wanted to come along for a walk so he helped too. Sam, as usual, was very sad about getting dressed but again fell asleep after a few minutes in the stroller. Sam woke up just about as Mommy arrived at the Adam&Eva Galleria Cafe where she met some of the Stockholm moms from the July online group. Sam especially liked looking at Ebba who was sitting across from him. Both Sam and Mommy were very glad they had gone. Sam seemed to enjoy himself right up until Mommy noticed he was starting to fall asleep and she decided it was best to go rather than let Sam fall asleep and then have to wake him up. Sam fell asleep very quickly. Mommy walked with Evalena and Karl Axel to Slussen and took the subway the rest of the way home. Sam was half-awake for the ride on Tvärbanan but didn't really wake up till they were home.
In the afternoon Sam spent more time than usual on the fleece exercising. M thinks it helped that she was holding his giraffe above him. M definitely thinks Sam should have a baby gym to put over his fleece. She will try to motivate on that front soon. Sam also again enjoyed playing with his big bear. While D was helping Sam play with Bear Sam gave Bear a bunch of 'kisses' (tried to eat his nose). Sam had a warm bath again and spent quite a bit of time looking at the hook and the cotton rounds afterwards while in D's arms. Sam also played 'peek-a-boo' with his reflection in the big mirror for the first time.
Mommy is a bit worried about Sam because now his other eye is also gunky. Since birth Sam has had a blocked tear canal in one eye; as of today both eyes are running. Since Mommy puts quite a bit of faith in Dr. Sears she will call Anki tomorrow to inquire.
Sam was only all-out sad for maybe a minute tonight. He was fully asleep by about 9.

Sam woke up around 7 today. After playing for awhile he fell asleep as did Mommy and Daddy until about 9. In the morning Sam practiced rolling on the bed. He fell asleep lying on his tummy sucking his thumb. Even Mommy rolling him over didn't wake him up. Sam sat first in his bouncy chair then on M's lap during lunch. He really likes watching M&D eat. He also just likes looking at D. After lunch Sam fell asleep on his own and had a very long, sound nap, which allowed M to do some settling in to the new apt.. M&Sam didn't go for a walk today as M's toe hurts quite a bit. Sam liked looking at 'Count With Maisy' today. He continues to talk to the magnets on the freezer that M has placed strategically close to where Sam can have his bouncy chair. He especially likes the pix of his American cousins and Actigall man (a green magnet in the shape of a friendly , waving, anthropomorphosized gall bladder). Some time after his nap Sam started getting cranky. M put him in the sling and walked back and forth fairly quickly while talking to Auntie Karen. That did the trick and Sam had a short nap in the sling. Sam played with Daddy for awhile today and got to do some 'flying' for the first time. He really liked that. He also practiced standing with both M&D and did more sitting on the couch. He really likes his big bear. Sam had the warmest bath he has had yet tonight and he loved that. He was even pretty ok about getting out of the tub. Sam was hardly sad at all tonight. He laughed at Daddy who was folding clothes while sitting with M in the rocking chair. Sam fell asleep about 8:45. Mommy was glad it wasn't later than that. :)
M wants to remark that Sam's smiles just keep getting bigger and bigger. They now light up his whole face and melt both Mommy's and Daddy's heart. Sam's smiles and laughs make it much easier to get through his sad times, which do seem to be becoming less intense (knock on wood).

Sam started putting one hand up in the air while sitting in his bouncy chair today. Sam fell asleep sitting up on the couch while playing with his big bear.He went for a late walk with Mommy; as usual he wasn't too happy about getting dressed for outdoors but fell asleep quickly. Sam was very, very sad at night. Daddy got to take care of Sam for about half an hour while Sam was crying. Sam also fell asleep very late, around 10.

Today was a big, big day for Sam. Mommy had been undecided on whether or not to go to the Mammagrupp at the BVC for several reasons: 1) Sam's recent and still lingering minor cold 2) Sam's current feelings about being outside/ being in the stroller 3) what a general pain in the butt it would be to get there on public transportation 4) how Sam would do during the group. She wasn't even completely sure she had the date right, so she called Anki, who said 'Yep, it's today, and Sam can get his first shot after that.' So that settled it. Sam was as usual quite upset about getting dressed for outdoors. But he fell asleep pretty quickly outside. M had to wake him up when they got to BVC. Sam sat next to his young friend Sofia and together they were the most noisy of the group. Sam wasn't super sad, but he wasn't super happy for most of it either. Ironically, once the group was winding up, M arranged him sitting up on the couch and then he was quite content. He even showed some interest in grabbing Sofia's foot (luckily he was unsuccessful; M doesn't know how popular that would have been with Sofia). He had just fallen asleep when it was time for his shot. Daddy had kindly come into town to be there for the shot. Anki was very good at getting Sam interested and happy before the needle went in and again afterwards. Sam didn't like the shot but recovered quickly. Everyone ended up walking home as it turned into a fine day.
In the afternoon and evening Sam seemed sleepy. M kept wondering if he would get a fever, but he didn't. He did seem a bit not himself because although he cried he wasn't very energetic about it. M thinks his leg hurt.
Uncle Magnus, who M&D hadn't seen for ages, came over for dinner. Sam was sleeping in the sling when he arrived. When Sam woke up he was happy to meet Magnus. Sam sat in his bouncy chair and Magnus played with him there a bit. Magnus also held Sam for awhile, and Sam seemed to think that was just fine. Sam didn't fall asleep until 10PM. By then M&D had searched high and low for the child pain medicine (Alvedon) but without results. Only right before falling asleep did D remember where it was. By then Sam had been asleep for a little over an hour.

Mommy has decided that she needs to just focus on the highlights and lowlights of the days, rather than write a complete report, as a complete report these days takes too long. Here goes her first attempt. :)
Sam was more awake in the morning this morning. When he was sad, the hair dryer worked once but not twice. In the afternoon, Uncle Thomas and Auntie Malin came over. Sam was intrigued by Thomas at first but then got scared. He smiled at Malin but then looked at Thomas while Malin was saying hello. Sam played in his bouncy chair for quite awhile as the grownups had coffee and banana bread. He got very kinetic. M moved him to her lap. Eventually he fell asleep in M's arms after having spent considerable time observing T&M. That nap didn't last long though, Sam woke up to say bye-bye. Sam was NOT happy about going for a walk although he liked looking at Daddy for a little while. It took Sam a long time to fall asleep today. He wanted to look at D again for awhile before bed. He fell asleep by 9.

Woke at 6:40. Mommy wasn't sure if Sam really wanted to get up or if he actually wanted to go back to sleep. She tried to let him go back to sleep but he wasn't really interested in that. He played on the fleece for awhile. Eventually M realized sleep wasn't on Sam's agenda so it was off to the kitchen and the bouncy chair while M had breakfast. Sam got a bit sad after that, M thinks he was actually just tired. He fell asleep in the sling and had a very long nap there. In the afternoon it was walk time. Sam again was quite sad about needing so many clothes, but he went to sleep in the stroller pretty quickly. D continued on to Ringen while M&Sam turned around. M had to run to catch the ferry. Sam woke up fully after a few minutes at home (he had been semi-awake for a little while). Around 5 Sam was sad again. Some time in the sling with the hair dryer running was enough to put him to sleep. When he woke up Sam played peek-a-boo with D who had just gotten home from a run. Sam had fun in the bath with Mommy; he was sad about getting out but got over it pretty quickly.
Sam continues to improve his aim in terms of hitting toys. He is still 'talking' to his jungle animals. He likes the giraffe best right now. Sam has liked the changing table better since we moved (?). Sam spent a bunch of time on his tummy today. He seemed to like sucking his thumb while on his tummy. He also thought it was fun to be rolled over. Sam also sat up on the sofa today which was very cute. Mommy pulled him up by his hands too and his head came along for the most part. Sam thinks that's fun once but not more than that. Sam was much less sad today than yesterday, which made Mommy very happy. He was asleep by 8:15.

Woke ~7. In the morning Sam had a long nap. He sat in his bouncy chair while M&D ate lunch. In the afternoon D went to IKEA, while Mommy and Sam went for a walk. Sam was very unhappy at the start of the walk, but fell asleep quickly once they got going. Mommy needs to figure out the ferries; she missed one that she thought she would catch so ended up walking quite a bit on the boardwalk. Sam started opening his eyes just after they got to Söder, so M opted for a quick walk. Sam woke up and was sad briefly on the ferry but fell back asleep.
Sam liked looking at himself in the mirror and hearing some new songs. He liked seeing his giraffe and his panda next to the changing table. M set it up so that he can also see some of those animals while on the fleece. Sam got the giraffe into his mouth.
Sam had a bath with Daddy. He was a little sad when he got out but he got over it quickly. All in all Sam was much happier today then yesterday. A few sad times were remedied with the hair dryer. Gotta love that white noise. :)

Sam slept soundly last night. He only needed to be fed once. Mommy woke up more often than Sam; he made some noises that M thought were food requests but they turned out not to be. Sam woke up about 7. Sam's cold had come back. M wonders if it is a bad idea to bathe Sam in the evening; perhaps he gets too cold from that? Or maybe he has just been spending too long in the tub? This morning Sam wanted to sleep in the sling. Sam again enjoyed watching Mommy eat. After lunch everyone went on a walk through the Vita Bergen park, which is a very good workout for M as it is quite hilly. This was the first time Sam was in his stroller without the 'lift' and that seemed to work better. M&D put the fleece down on the bottom and Sam definitely had more room for his arms. He was still a little sad when he first got in but not nearly as sad as he has been in the stroller recently so M thinks the lift was part of the problem. Sam also didn't like it when D tried to put his mittens on (at M's request). So, we skipped the mittens, but that was probably ok as it was around 50F and sunny. After lunch Sam spent some time in the bouncy chair. He found it quite entertaining when M put away some dishes. Sam was pretty talkative in general today. He also laughed quite a bit, especially when sitting with M in front of the mirror. Sam seems to like the new angle of his changing table as he spent some time 'talking' to the outside or the curtains or something.
In the evening Sam was seriously sad. Mommy tried all the white noise tricks that have been working recently, the washing machine and the hair dryer, but alas. So Mommy got out the special 'Crying and Singing' CD mix that D burned for her prior to his trip to Dalsland: 22 highly sing-a-longable songs. That didn't work either. D took a long turn and had some success at least getting Sam to open his eyes long enough to look at the lamps in the bedroom and hall. M continued with the singing cure and eventually Sam succumbed to 'Fly' by Lamb. Mommy had been hoping that Sam's serious crying spells might be a thing of the past but that doesn't seem to be the case. But Mommy will keep hoping.
M skipped the July group meeting as it didn't seem like a good idea what with Sam having a bit of a cold and having mixed feelings about the stroller, and with Mommy needing to help unpack in the new apartment.

Woke ~7, played for a little while, then slept until 9 (!). Sam's cold seemed better today. M wonders if that is because he didn't have a bath last night. Everyone went for a walk around 11. Sam was sad at first in his stroller. He fell asleep after about 20 minutes of riding in Mommy's arms and after having met Cousin Martin briefly. Sam stayed asleep until just before the ferry ride back to Hammarby Sjöstad.
Sam has been very interested in the progress of the bookcases. He really likes to look at the book spines. He is also fond of the blue glass vase. M is glad that he seems to like some of M&D's things.
Sam spent quite a bit of time in the bouncy chair today. He is getting very good at hitting the toys on the arch. He didn't spend any time in the sling today. Sam again liked playing in front of the full-length mirror. He seems especially interested in his feet when he sits there. 'Old McDonald' continues to be Sam's favorite song. Sam liked looking at his giraffe while he was on the changing table and he was able to hit it.
Today was the first day that Sam clearly played a game, a version of peek-a-boo with Daddy. He would smile at Daddy and then hide his face in Mommy's chest, as Mommy was holding him. Daddy also noticed that Sam's eyes may be changing color. There is a clear brown fleck in one of his eyes.
Sam wasn't really sad today. When he started to get into that the running water was a success. Sam liked his bath today and laughed a little after getting out. He went to sleep around 8:30.

Sam had a cold today. He was kind of sad much of the day but only seriously sad on his walk, and even then it didn't approach SERIOUSLY sad. The walk was attempted in the afternoon but was aborted when Sam was inconsolable. Sam didn't have a bath as M thought it might not be a good idea because of Sam's cold.