September, 2003

A lot has happened in the last 8 days in Sam's life. Grandma arrived for a visit a week ago. It was the second time Sam had met Grandma and this time Sam was very shy. Mommy and Grandma were a bit concerned about how Saturday would go-- it would be the first time both Mommy and Daddy had been gone. Well Saturday rolled around and it went pretty well! Grandma and Sam played quite a bit and Sam didn't hide from Grandma at all. It was only the last hour (of five hours) that was tough going for them both. When Mommy came home Sam was able to go to sleep in the Didy after maybe 40 minutes. Grandma was impressed by how long Sam could play with certain toys. Mommy was glad that they got a chance to know each other, although she felt bad that she couldn't have gotten home earlier.
To backtrack a bit, last Thursday Grandma joined M&S at an American Women's Club picnic on Djurgården. It was decent weather and Grandma liked the flower gardens. Sam liked playing with Madeleine's toys. He was pretty cuddly. The next day Daddy took Sam to the English-speaking afternoon play group. They both had fun and Sam fell asleep for the first time in his bike seat on the way home.
On Sunday, after the wedding, everyone went for a drive to the archipelago. Unfortunately M&D weren't quite sure where to find a good picnic spot and the weather was a bit sketchy. To add to the difficulties Sam got carsick. But it was an adventure and Sam got to see a lot of boats. That night Sam had a lot of trouble going to sleep. He kept wanting to check on Grandma-- Mommy feels he was probably making sure she was still available in case M&D decided to take off again. ;)
Yesterday Sam woke up with a high fever. Last night was pretty rough for all parties. This morning Sam had to say goodbye to Grandma. Hopefully it won't be as long before he sees her again. Mommy feels sure Sam will remember her next time.
Tonight was another very difficult night. Mommy feels that Sam probably has some more teeth coming in. He is sounding still quite congested and his fever, although down to normal during the day, was up again at night. Mommy hopes very much that Sam will feel better tomorrow.