September, 2002

Uncle Hans, Cousin Martin, and Daddy arrived around 11:30. Sam was very happy to see D and said hi to Hans and Martin. Sam played in his bouncy chair and then on his fleece during lunch. He was awake for quite awhile. He fell asleep in the sling and stayed there for quite awhile as noisy moving was happening. Then Sam slept in the stroller lift as M did some packing (unfortunately D got to do most of that work). Sam and Mommy rode with Martin to the new apt.. Sam dozed off in the car seat. Sam got sad just before Hans, Aunt Marianne, and Cousin Gustav arrived. While they were here M tried to water cure and that worked intermittently. There is a rocking chair in the new apartment and rocking is what worked for Sam tonight. He sucked his thumb and rocked for quite some time. Cousin Gustav very kindly consoled Mommy by mentioning that he had cried quite a bit as a baby (although Aunt Marianne said she had no memory of that... ;)). Sam fell asleep around 8:30.

Sam was a bit sad when he woke up at 1 and 4am. M suspects that he misses Daddy. He was awake from 4-5am. He woke up for real at about 7. Sam and M took a long nap in the morning. Sam slept in the sling in the afternoon. He woke up because of some loud noises. It sounded sort of like cannons; whatever it was rattled the windows and continued intermittently for about 45 minutes. Sam got used to it after the first couple times but Mommy was quite annoyed the whole time. The water solution worked twice tonight and Sam's total cry time was no more than 10 minutes.

Sam touched his octopus while in the bouncy chair today. D left for Ed around 2. M took Sam for a walk after that and ended up carrying him quite a long ways. M had her first seriously defensive instincts today; on the way back from Reimersholme as Sam was sleeping in his stroller M was passed by a man who had a pet rat riding on his shoulder. M had the sudden feeling that if that rat were to jump into Sam's stroller she would have to kill it. Luckily for all involved that didn't happen.
Sam smiled at himself in the mirror while riding in the sling today. When he began to get sad in the evening M ran the water in the kitchen. That worked well enough to calm Sam down. He rode in the sling til 8:30.

Woke ~6:30 with smiles for everybody. Mommy continued Operation SOOS today. In the morning Sam got to say hi to Cousin Martin briefly. M had planned to take Sam to IKEA with D but changed her mind. Instead she decided to try to meet some women from the mammagrupp for a walk. They were coffee first but M chose to skip that part, which was probably not the best decision. M probably should have gone for the fika and skipped the walk. M continues to live and learn. Because by the time the other moms were ready to walk Sam had just fallen asleep in the sling. M ate quickly with Sam in the sling and then took him out and got him dressed. He wasn't too happy about that rude awakening and continued to be unhappy once they got outside. M carried him. When she got to the cafe another baby was eating so M walked with Eleonora and Viktor around the block. Sam was still sad when they got back to the cafe so M decided it was best to go home. She waffled on this point while still close to home but finally chose to go home. Of course by the time M was home Sam had fallen asleep and felt fine about being put in the stroller. So M and Sam had a quick walk on Söder Mälarstrand. Sam was half-awake on the way home but was sleep-smiling so Mommy knew he felt OK.
Sam discovered his reflection today. He smiled at himself several times. M has shown him the mirror before but this was the first time he really reacted to it. M continues to try to help Sam feel different textures.
Sam got upset pretty early. He had a sad spell already around 3. He recovered from that by getting a bath, possibly his very last bath in the baby tub as he almost doesn't fit anymore. As usual he was sad to come out of the bath but felt better pretty quickly. But he was seriously sad again by maybe 6:30. Mommy did her usual singing while carrying number which seemed to work. Sam seemed asleep when M put him down but that didn't last long. He was VERY sad when he woke up after just a few minutes so M tried again. Daddy also took a turn. Sam quieted momentarily while sitting with Daddy but that wore off. In the end it was Mommy singing with Lucinda Williams that did the trick. But half an hour later a piercing shriek came from the bedroom. D went to investigate as M was on the phone. Sam fell asleep again pretty quickly once he had D for company. M suspects it was the shock of waking up alone in a dark room that caused the shriek. Sam fell asleep first at about 8:30 and again around 9:30.

Sam slept restlessly last night. Daddy was still awake when Sam woke up for his first night meal. Then Sam had a little trouble falling back asleep. Another time that Sam woke up Mommy needed to have him in her lap for awhile so M ended up sleeping sitting up for a spell. Mommy had also gone to bed later than usual (10:20 instead of 10:00). Today she realized that she needs to be strict about her 10pm curfew. ;) Sam woke up early this morning, around 6 Mommy thinks. Mommy fed him and hoped he would go back to sleep but Sam had other plans. Mommy was so tired that she enlisted Daddy for early morning help. So Daddy and Sam spent around fifteen minutes together chatting while M power-slept. M took over after that. Eventually Sam fell asleep in the sling. Mommy continued Operation SOOS, which worked one out of three times today. Around lunchtime M put Sammy in his bouncy chair. Today Sam seemed to actually notice the toys hanging from the arch above the chair. He tried to put one of the octopus's feet in his mouth. Sam drooled a lot while he was playing in the chair. He stayed there for maybe fifteen minutes. After that Sam was upset for awhile. Mommy took Sam for a walk on Reimersholme. Again Sam started off sad but fell asleep within minutes.
In the afternoon Sam did some singing with Mommy. While playing on his fleece he held his elephant rattle and seemed to be directing its motion more than he has before. He liked playing with Daddy while M finished her dinner.
Sam spent much of the afternoon moving his arms and legs (floofing) on the bed. He got sad around 6:45. M&D gave him a bath. He liked being in the bath and although he was sad upon leaving he wasn't as sad as he sometimes is. Sam spent time over Mommy's shoulder and then in her arms listening to M sing Gillian Welch. He fell asleep early, around 7:30.

Sam slept peacefully last night. In the morning Mommy continued Operation SOOS. Sam fell asleep in the sling three times in the morning/early afternoon and every time M let him nap there for only about 20 minutes before she put him down. The first two times he woke up after only five or ten minutes. The third time Mommy lay down with him and kept him sort of encircled. She also fell asleep and Sam stayed asleep for maybe half an hour even after M got up.
A few days ago Daddy helped Sam practice sitting up and Sam had some success with that, so M tried to help Sam with that too. M also put him on his stomach on the bed and Sam was able to raise his head quite well. He seemed to enjoy being in that position which is new, previously he has sounded mostly frustrated. In the afternoon everyone went for a walk on Reimersholme. Sam again started out sad but fell asleep after no more than five minutes.
In the evening Sam was sad. He took a nap in the sling (M abandoned Operation SOOS for the evening). He woke up from that when M was halfway through dinner and was sad again. M&D had decided to give him water therapy (a bath) and D had gotten the tub all set when Sam fell asleep. He woke up to have some dessert but went back to sleep again.

Sam slept more peacefully last night. Woke ~7. Sam napped in the sling in the morning; M abandoned Operation Sam Out Of Sling (SOOS) for today. In the afternoon M wanted to go to Djurgården as it was a lovely fall day. M,D&S started walking towards Slussen. Sam wasn't too happy about being in the stroller. He also was very unhappy about the mittens M&D wanted him to wear. M tried putting him in the sling but he wasn't very happy about that either. She fed him a little but still no dice. Finally M put him over her shoulder. He was still complaining but not very loudly. M&D considered going home, but M really wanted to be outside, so they decided to persevere. After awhile Sam fell asleep. M put him in the stroller by the ferry. He slept for maybe 1/2 hour and woke up on Djurgården. Daddy tried putting him in the Björn, to no avail. He was happier riding on D's shoulder. At the cafe on Djurgården Sam had lunch. He preferred standing up to sitting down. He liked looking at the sun between the trees (it was late afternoon so the sun was weak). He started getting restless just as M&D were finishing up. D carried him till they got to the ferry, then M carried him. D tried the Björn again. After awhile Sam looked sleepy so D put him in the stroller. That was not a hit so M carried him the rest of the way home.
In the evening Sam was VERY upset. He took a break from being upset to sing along to 'Amazing Grace' with M a few times. M thinks otherwise it was a new record in upsetness. Sam fell asleep around 8:30.
Sam was less talkative today then yesterday but still had some things to say. He has started saying hello to the chandelier in the hall that he sees from the changing table. Mommy hopes he will find new things to say hello to in the new apartment.

Sam did his noises thing again last night, so Mommy didn't have a very good night's sleep. Daddy, amazingly, is not bothered by the noises. (!) Sam got up about 6:45. Today Sam 'talked' a lot. He and Mommy had several 'conversations.' He has also started laughing more which is completely adorable. In the morning Sam fell asleep twice in the sling. Both times Mommy wore him for about 20 minutes and then tried to put him down. M has realized that having Sam nap in the sling may be good for Sam but it's really not good for Mommy's back, as Sam is not a small boy anymore. :) Unfortunately putting him down from the sling didn't work all that well. Both times Sam only slept for maybe 15 minutes. It wasn't until everyone went for a walk around Reimersholme that Sam really fell asleep, and even then he spent quite awhile looking at Daddy before he succumbed.
In the late afternoon Sam started protest crying, so M&D harbored hope that Sam wouldn't REALLY cry. But he did, although for only maybe 40 minutes. At the peak of his crying M&D gave him a bath, which resulted in 5 minutes of not crying, but he renewed his efforts upon leaving the bath. He fell asleep early over M's shoulder, around 7. He woke up again around 8 and had dessert, falling asleep again around 8:30.

Sam didn't wake up until 3:45 last night, as opposed to the usual 12-1 first waking. In the morning Sam spent some time in the sling. D & M wanted to go to the new apartment to see what was still there and what they needed to get. Everyone left around 1:30. It was pretty cold out and drizzling. Sam was not happy. D tried putting him in the Björn but that wasn't working either. M suggested they should just walk around the block to see what Sam would think. Sam was still not happy so everyone went back inside. M fed Sam and then he fell right asleep in the stroller. Sam woke up at Gullmarsplan. D put Sam in the Björn again. Sam protested but not seriously until everyone was on the subway. After one stop Sam moved to M's arms where he quieted and started looking out the window. When they got to Sickla Udde M tried carrying him. He was ok with that at first but then got a little upset. As it was raining, M put him in the stroller for the short walk to the apartment.
Once inside the apartment, Mommy fed Sam. Then Sam was happy for awhile. He liked looking out the big windows and he especially liked making noises and hearing the slight echo. He made lots of cooing sounds and some other sounds. Sam was pretty content while in the new apartment. He got to be changed on the coffee table (on the handy pad from the diaper bag) which he thought was extra fun. Sam wasn't happy about being put in the stroller. M tried the Björn but that wasn't a success either. So M tried holding him. She held him on the boat ride and then when they got across they walked a little ways till M decided to feed him. It is not so easy to feed Sam just anywhere when it's cold outside, is what M has discovered, but feeding him was a good choice because he promptly fell asleep. Sam woke up on the #4 bus but stayed reasonably calm.
Everyone got home around 6. Sam was surprisingly happy in the evening. He cried some but it was not the usual 'remember to keep breathing' type of crying, more like protest crying. Sam had a bath and didn't even cry after being taken out. He went to sleep a bit later than usual, around 9.

Last night Sam did his thing where he makes lots of noises but isn't really awake from about 4AM on, till he woke up around 7. After eating, he slept with Daddy for awhile. Later in the morning Sam fell asleep being carried by Daddy, which was very convenient as it allowed M to get ready to take him in to the city to meet his July friends. M was very anxious about how this would go. They walked to Slussen and then M decided to keep walking, but then changed her mind and decided to get on the subway at Gamla Stan. Sam woke up in the Gamla Stan station, M suspects the loud violinist had something to do with that. M put Sam in the sling and continued on her way. At Hötorget, Mommy got confused and Sam was a little bit upset, so M fed Sam on a bench, and called D who repeated the directions. Five minutes later, M had found the July group. At least 8 moms and babies were there. Sam met most of the babies that were there; Mommy hopes he will meet the ones he missed this time next time. Sam seemed happy to see new faces and things. When got a little upset after about an hour, M decided to leave. M and Sam ended up walking the whole way home. A ways after Slussen, Sam wanted to come out of the stroller, so he was first in the sling and then over Mommy's shoulder. M was very tired when they got home, but Sam wasn't. Eventually, Sam fell asleep and M tried to put him down, but that didn't work so Sam ended up napping in the sling. Sam was less upset than usual, and went to sleep with first M and then D. He was asleep by about 8.

Woke ~7. Sam spent a bunch of time this morning in the sling. When he was doing 'jumpies' he started raising his left arm a little more. Mommy thinks Sam is frustrated by wanting to touch his toys and not being able to. M helps him sometimes. Sam liked being on the fleece and watching Daddy make faces and take pictures. He liked listening to 'Wheels on the Bus' and other tunes. Sam continues to want to look at things around him more. Today he really noticed the pictures of his American cousins (all between 1-4 years old) on the bulletin board. Mommy has pointed them out before but Sam hasn't really noticed. Sam also was interested in his reflection today, another thing M has tried to point out before. Sam held on to his new wooden rattle for awhile which impressed M as it is pretty big.
Mommy is having a little trouble figuring out when Sam is truly hungry and when he just wants to suck his hand. She just has to be patient and wait for Sam to give her a clear signal which he is bound to do if he is really hungry. Today he found his thumb too. He also liked sucking on his sweater on the walk with M&D to Reimersholme today. At the end of the walk Sam, M, &D stopped for fika at Cinnamon. Sam got to eat and then he rode in the Baby Björn with Daddy the rest of the way home. Sam seems to tolerate the Björn better outside.
In the late afternoon Sam was very sad. He slept for awhile in the sling, and then woke up and was sad again until M&D gave him a bath. After a few seconds in the water Sam started 'talking'. He stayed in for about 5 minutes. He was very sad to come out. Eventually he started to feel better, while sitting in M's lap watching the boats. Sam lay on his fleece while M&D had dinner. He fell asleep slowly, lying first with Mommy, then with Daddy, and was fully asleep by about 8:30.

Sam got up early this morning, around 6:45. Mommy noticed that he seemed rather warm around 9. His temp. was a bit high, 37.7C. Mommy got very worried. Daddy went to the drugstore to get liquid fever reducer and Sam got a dose of that when he woke up from his sling nap, about 10:30. M&D dressed Sam very lightly and hoped for the best. Despite the slight temp. Sam seemed to feel pretty good. He 'sang along' when M sang some songs. He was also very interested in trying to touch his toys while doing 'jumpies.' M helped him reach that goal a couple times. When M&D checked his temp. again around 2 it had gone down to 37.4C. Mommy was happy and celebrated by taking Sam for a walk wearing matching sweaters. :) Sam was asleep before they even left the building.
In the afternoon Sam wanted to be in the sling only long enough to look at various things around the apartment. He is paying a lot of attention to his surroundings these days. Sam got upset around 6. M&D checked his temp. and it was just under worrisome at 36.6C (of course M is still worried). Sam was VERY sad until Mommy resorted to loud Cat Stevens. Sam fell asleep around 7:30. D helped M put Sam in the sling without putting him down. Eventually, at about 8:15pm, M decided to try putting him down. He opened his eyes but went back to sleep.

Sam had a different night last night. He fell asleep in just his onesie. M realized when she fed him around 1 that he should wear something warmer but she fell asleep before she could change him or get D to change him. Then at 4:30 D got up to change Sam's diaper and forgot to put on a new diaper. :) So Sam had to go back to the changing table. All that excitement meant that M needed to walk around a bit with Sam before he could fall back asleep.
This morning Sam slept for quite awhile in the sling. Then Uncle Thomas came over and everyone went for a walk on Reimersholme. When they came back Sam spent time on the fleece as the grownups ate pasta salad. Later Sam watched his boats while M talked on the phone (maybe the first time M has been on the phone while Sam is awake? Definitely the longest time, 20 minutes). Sam and Mommy had a nap. When Sam woke up he got to see a couple of new toys that he liked and he did some 'jumpies'. Then he was sad. His temperature was a little high, although still within Dr. Sears' normal limits. M&D gave Sam another bath and helped him float to cool him down. He LOVES to float. But he does NOT like to get out of the bath. He fell asleep pretty soon after that as M ran through the usual 'Amazing Grace' and 'Edelweiss' (she skipped 'We Shall Overcome' today.) He went to bed really early, around 7.

Woke: ~7. Sam felt much better this morning. M feels the turkey she ate last night probably helped (yes, it's true, after over 10 years of vegetarianism M is now eating meat again... breastfeeding will do that she guesses). Sam spent quite a bit of time in the sling this morning. Mommy sang some kids' songs to Sam while he was on the fleece; she also read him more of 'The Cat That Went To Heaven.' He liked all of that. M carried Sam in a different way today, facing out instead of over her shoulder. He seemed to like that. Sam was happy to see Daddy when D came home from climbing. Sam was upset for less time but more intensely in the late afternoon. Lying on the bed looking at his boats was what finally quieted him. Then he had some good laughs watching Mommy make shadows move on the wall. Of course then M&D gave him a bath. Sam didn't use the bath helper today and he seemed to like not having it even better, as he got to float more. What he doesn't like is getting undressed before the bath and coming out of the bath. But he quieted down quickly after the bath and fell asleep early, holding Mommy's hand, around 8.

Sam woke up early today, around 6:15. He had some smiles for M&D when he first woke up but that didn't last long... Sam was very upset during the morning. Eventually he took a nap and Mommy joined him. When he woke up he was still upset and he had some red spots on his head. Mommy believes the shrimp she had for dinner last night was the culprit. No more shrimp for her! Sam's temp. was a bit higher than is normal for him but still within normal limits. After eating a little he went back to sleep and wanted to be up so M wore him in the sling for quite a long time. When he next woke up the redness was gone. He seemed somewhat happier. M&D took him outside and although he was upset in the stroller at first he zonked out after about 5 minutes. Daddy thinks he may have been upset just because the air was colder than any he has felt before. Everyone took a longer walk than usual to Reimersholme where it is much quieter than on Långholmen. Mommy thinks Sam appreciated that. In the evening Sam was sad again although he liked 'Amazing Grace' and spending time with Daddy and the mobile. He fell asleep around 8:30.

Woke: ~7. Sam enjoyed his walk with M&D today. He wore his green hooded sweater from Gramma but it was still a little too warm for Mommy to wear her matching sweater (you can bet Mommy is looking forward to that though, she thinks that will be super fun). Mommy attempted the Baby Björn in early afternoon but that didn't work for very long. The sling, however, was a success. Mommy and Daddy did one diaper change as a team, with Daddy blowing bubbles, and Mommy did one solo with lots of singing. During both of those Sam remained calm, but there were several where he didn't. The afternoon was difficult. Sam was very upset for quite awhile. He cried himself quite sweaty. In the end it was Mommy singing with Sam in her arms that worked. But when Mommy tried to put him down Sam protested so then Mommy used the sling. Sam liked that as he wanted to suck his hand. Eventually he tired of his hand and wanted something more filling. Sam fell asleep around 8:30.

An early morning, 6:30. But Sam fell asleep again after maybe half an hour and slept till 8; Mommy appreciated that. Mommy couldn't decide whether or not to try to go meet the July moms in the city. She ended up going, but Sam started to get upset at Gamla Stan. M& Sam got off there to reconsider. Mommy fed Sam and put him in the Baby Björn. She went one more stop, to T-centralen, before deciding that fika in the city was just not meant to be today. M&Sam got off at Slussen. M called D who agreed to walk along Söder Mälarstrand till he met M&Sam. Sam was content in his Baby Björn until pretty close to home, and even then he wasn't really sad.
Sam spent some quality time playing with Daddy on the fleece. He had a long nap on the bed. He woke up in the middle but went back to sleep when Mommy lay down next to him. When Sam got upset before dinner M tried the Björn but it didn't seem to be working. She resorted to the Mayan sling and went outside. After walking around in the park right outside for awhile Sam finally went to sleep so Mommy went for a little walk. Sam was ok when they got back until right when dinner was ready. Sam must have been hungry too as eating cheered him up and he then had a long 'conversation' with Mommy. He was sad again after dinner but not for very long.
Lately Sam has not been enjoying diaper changes, which is strange, as he used to always be very mellow on the changing table. Mommy managed to elicit a smile with some creative song texts during one change today but many of the changes were tough going. Mommy wonders what happened? Anyway, she will try to keep the changing experience fun. Sam went to sleep around 8:30 tonight.

Sam woke up late this morning, around 8:20, giving M&D some extra much-needed sleep. Sam wanted to be in the sling this morning but before sleeping he wanted to look at things in the apartment. Mommy feels sad for Sam that he soon won't be able to look at the Gambians, the Gambian painting, and the large clock. Those seem to be his favorite things that won't be coming to the new apartment. Luckily he also likes the armadillo, the rooster, and of course, panda and his sailboats, and they will all be relocating.
At 10:30 M met Jennie and Max outside their house. Unfortunately Sam had just woken up and it turned out he was too hungry to walk. M fed him in the park to avoid the elevator and Jennie and Max went ahead. Daddy brought down an extra blanket as it was quite chilly. M and Sam got to Mariatorget about 1/2 hr. late; thankfully Jennie, Max, Susanne, Sofia, Zinnia, and Emma were still there. Everybody went for a walk with a break for feeding in a park. Sam doesn't really seem to notice the other kids yet but he does start frowning if he is close to any of them when they are crying hard. Sam was ok in his stroller (with a break in the first park) up until Tantolunden. M put him in the sling and headed home.
Mommy and Sam took a nap. Sam was sad when he woke up, and wasn't too happy about his bath, but calmed down in the sling after awhile. Soon Sam will not fit in his little tub anymore, it will be time for the big tub!
With Daddy's help, Sam was able to swipe the panda a few times while 'standing' in Mommy's lap. Sam had some good laughs on the fleece. He had things to say both on the fleece and while listening to a story. Sam was fed and then fell asleep pretty much by himself on the bed around 8:15.
Mommy wishes to note that today is September 11th.

It was cold on the walk today, Sam needed to be bundled up. Sam had a great time listening to Mommy read a story. He had a lot of comments to make about it. He was sad for a long time (?40 minutes) in the late afternoon but calmed down when Mommy played Cat Stevens and sang loudly. He spent time in the sling in the morning and evening. Sam tracked Daddy smiled at him.

Sam and Mommy had a very exciting day today. Yesterday on their walk, thankfully close to home, M&D discovered that the stroller had a flat tire. It was Sunday so they couldn't get air at the usual place. Today Mommy needed to be at BVC for 'mammagrupp' at 10. Daddy took the tire to try to get it fixed but he was out of luck until 10. Mommy was very anxious about the 'mammagrupp' and now she had no stroller! She ended up taking a taxi. Sam was not happy when they arrived at BVC but he was glad to be fed and then he fell asleep on Mommy's shoulder. He woke up again and was sad for a bit till he had comfort-eaten, then he smiled at Mommy and fell asleep again. There were 9 moms with babies at the group. It was pretty chaotic but it was good for Mommy to see that yes, other babies this age do cry, Sam isn't the only one. And Mommy realized that she probably isn't the only one who feels like she isn't quite sure what she's doing. But she also decided that there are certain aspects of mothering that she feels strongly about, and that was also good to know.
Daddy had brought the stroller, with the wheel fixed, and he was waiting in the cafe. M, D, and Sam all had fika there with three other moms and their babies. Then M, D, and Sam walked home with Jennie and Max.
In the afternoon Sam spent some time in the sling. When he was sad what worked was taking him to the balcony. He slept there in his lift for a bit. He was sad again but ended up pretty much soothing himself to sleep.

Sam got up a little later this morning, around 8:15. Inspired by Max, Mommy wanted to try the Baby Björn again. This time Sam actually settled in it. Unfortunately it was set too short for him so Mommy couldn't close it properly but Sam slept in it for at least half an hour. It is more comfortable for Mommy than the sling and feels safer, so Mommy was happy that Sam felt ok about it.
Today Sam did some really good sitting with Daddy. He tried very hard to swipe at the panda while 'standing' on Mommy's lap. He still has to lean WAY over in the opposite direction if he wants to raise his hand, and even then he can't raise it very far. But he tries hard. :) On the changing table he put both his feet together by himself. Sam seems to be looking in more detail at the things around him, and his head control continues to improve. Sam enjoyed sleeping during his walk with M&D. Sam was sad for less time total today than yesterday. One thing that made him very sad was when Daddy sneezed. Sam was happy about playing with Daddy and listening to Mommy read a story. Sam is making more sounds and is smiling for longer at a time. He fell asleep with Mommy lying next to him around 8:45.

Sam spent time in the sling in the morning. In the afternoon, M, D, and Sam met Jennie, Per, and Max. They all walked to Bellmanmuseet where they had fika. At first Sam was happy and Max was sad but when Mommy was about halfway through her tea Sam got sad. Mommy tried to feed him but he wasn't really interested. When everyone started walking home Sam continued to be sad so Mommy tried again to feed him. This time that was what Sam wanted. Jennie, Per, and Max headed home as they had things to do.
Sam was sad for quite awhile in the afternoon and evening. He was quiet for awhile as Mommy sang a medley that featured 'O Holy Night' and 'Amazing Grace,' but in the end it was Daddy that soothed him to sleep.

Woke: 7am. Sam had a tough morning this morning, for reasons unclear to Mommy. He didn't want to be in the sling at all. Mommy thinks Sam is trying to swipe at his panda when he jumps on Mommy's lap on the couch but he has to lean way over to lift the opposite hand at all. Sam fell asleep by himself for a spell. When he woke up it was time to go out with M&D. Sam wasn't convinced about being in the stroller at first so M&D walked a ways instead of getting right on the bus. Sam seemed to feel ok about chilling while M&D had falafel. He fell asleep on the way to the toy store. In the toy store he woke up but he remained calm so M&D's visit to Katarina church was unnecessary (but pretty). Sam smiled several times on the bus on the way home but then it got to be a bit much. M&D got off 1 stop early and Sam felt better about that.
The afternoon was also tough although Sam had some fun moments. He liked watching Daddy make funny faces and listening to Mommy read a story and sing a song. Daddy was impressed by Sam's leg strength. Both M&D have noticed that Sam is making different sounds. He seems to be laughing sometimes. He also makes a lot of clicking sounds. In the end Sam fell asleep in Mommy's arms to Stina Nordenstam (and Mommy). Slept: ~8:30pm.

Sam woke up about 7 this morning. He smiled at Mommy first thing, and smiled several more times during the day, not just at Mommy but at Daddy, Anki, and at other parts of life that Mommy can't guess at. Sam spent time in the sling in the morning. In the afternoon it was time for Sam's routine checkup by the pediatrician. In the waiting room Sam met some small friends (two year-old kids who were walking around). Anki weighed and measured Sam first. He weighed 13.6oz (6kg) and was 24 inches (60cm) tall. Mommy asked about the mark on the back of Sam's neck and Anki confirmed that it is a stork bite, which should go away by itself by the time he's a year old. Sam continues to be on a higher growth curve than the one he started on. :)
The doctor looked Sam all over and declared Sam fit as a fiddle. Sam put up with all this excitement quite well. He was interested in the small flower mobile in the doctor's room (but it doesn't hold a candle to the sailboats). Sam got a little sad towards the end in the doctor's room but recovered quickly when he went with M&D to the breastfeeding room. Then he had a laugh with Daddy before Mommy changed his diaper.
M&D decided to celebrate Sam's clean bill of health with iced coffee. Sam woke up at the cafe but remained calm. Shortly after everyone got home Sam was sad, but not for as long as sometimes (although quite intensely). M&D tried the loud music, the calm sailboats, and Daddy's lap. Food was what did the trick. Sam fell asleep around 5:30.

Sam spent much of the morning in the sling. He was mostly happy. About two-thirds through the usual morning walk Sam got upset. Mommy took him out and carried him the rest of the way. She needs to remember to bring the sling every time they go outside. In the afternoon Sam did 'jumpies' with both M&D. Daddy was impressed by how strong Sam is. Sam's head control also continues to get better all the time. M&D thought they would be smart and give Sam a bath before he got really upset in the late afternoon. Although he enjoyed the bath, he was not happy to come out, so he was sad earlier than usual. Mommy singing along with loud music worked once, then Daddy having a conversation with Sam about how to suck his thumb worked, then loud music again. In the end Sam quieted down when Mommy fed him. Both Mommy and Sam fell asleep around 8. Daddy tried gently to wake Mommy up at least 3 times so she could get ready for bed, but Mommy ended up napping with Sam till 11:30pm when Daddy came to bed.

Last night Sam was awake more than usual because Mommy was trying out a new way to feed him at night. Luckily Sam was pretty easy to convince to go back to sleep. This morning Sam again spent some time nestled up against Daddy. He got up late, somewhat before 9. This morning Sam was sad off and on. He spent quite a long time sleeping peacefully in the sling. M&D were about to go for a walk when Sam fell asleep by himself on the bed watching his sailboat mobile. They went later and Sam stayed awake for almost all of the walk (1 hr.?). Sam seems to really like the outdoors. In the afternoon Sam wanted to do 'jumpies'. Mommy asked Daddy to come help by holding the panda within Sam's reach, and after several attempts, Sam actually managed to swipe it. Daddy also noticed that Sam is producing more vowel-like sounds. Sam was sad again in the late afternoon. Mommy played some loud sing-a-long music which quieted him down momentarily. Then Sam fell asleep by himself again at about 6:30.

Sam spent an hour sleeping next to Daddy this morning which was great for Mommy who got to have breakfast. Sam got up at 8:15. Sam was sleepy today. He spent awhile in the sling in the morning, then napped in bed. He came with Mommy who had her postnatal midwife checkup. Sam was awake for some of the walk home but had fallen asleep by Zinkensdamm. So Daddy met Mommy outside and they all went to Lasse i Parken for coffee. Sam woke up before they left and Mommy thought he could wait til they got home to eat, but she was wrong, so everyone stopped in a small park where Sam had a snack. Sam seemed again interested in the trees and the sky. Sam spent quite awhile in the sling in the afternoon. He had some laughs with both Mommy and Daddy. He is starting to track Mommy more; prior to now he preferred looking at Daddy. Today Mommy figured out that it's a good idea to use bibs when feeding Sam. She had been thinking bibs wouldn't work for breastfeeding but she has changed her mind. Sam was sad for less time than usual tonight and thought his bath was fine. He fell asleep early (8:15?) to Mommy's rendition of 'Edelweiss.'

Sam's namesday in Sweden!
Last night Sam needed to sit in Mommy's lap a couple of times towards morning. Then Mommy thought Sam was waking up at 6. She put him down next to Daddy so she could run to the bathroom and Sam went back to sleep. He slept next to Daddy till 8:20. Sam was sad off and on this morning. He stayed awake through almost all of his walk. Sam is getting pretty good at finding his knuckle to suck on. Mommy thinks it sounds very funny because he sucks quite loudly! He even got his thumb in his mouth a couple times but it didn't last.
Cousins Martin and Jenny came over for dinner. Sam thought Martin was great fun to look at. Sam enjoyed playing with Jenny on his sheepskin. Sam had dinner with everyone in his bouncy chair. After dinner Sam was sad. He fell asleep briefly on Mommy's shoulder but startled himself awake. He finally fell asleep as Daddy patted his head around 9:15.