August, 2003

This week the English-speaking play groups started back up again. We went on both Wednesday and Friday. Mommy thinks it's great that Sam is getting a chance to meet some other little English speakers and also just meet kids in general. We've been doing our best to meet kids on the playgrounds but these play groups are much better!
Sam continues to get more steady at walking. It is really adorable to watch him but boy is Mommy tired! Oh my gosh! Mommy hasn't felt quite this way since Sam was really little. Sam is also getting tired out; he's been going to bed WAY earlier than usual (but also getting up much earlier! To M&D's distress!) ;)
Sam also has tried out biking for the first couple of times. It has gone pretty well although M had some logistical difficulties when she took Sam home on her own. His helmet is still a little on the big side but at the rate he continues to grow it'll fit him well soon! (It does fit him, just comes down over his eyes a bit now and then).
Sam continues to lose interest in any food that he can't eat himself which is also posing new challenges for M&D!

Today is Mommy's birthday! Mommy has always loved her birthday and now that Sam is in her life she understands even better what it meant to be born and she is even more happy to celebrate this day. Mommy wanted to have fun family time today so right after breakfast the family went to Svart Kaffe. Sam thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside eating his nectarine (he is CRAZY for nectarines, Mommy is sad that the season is nearly over!). Then M,D, and S went to the park where Sam as usual loved swinging. Uncle Thomas came by to say hi. When M,D, and S got home Sam had lunch and then a long nap. Sam got to share some of the yummy meal D cooked for Mommy and will get to try the pumpkin pie D baked tomorrow :)
Yesterday Sam gave Mommy an early birthday present: he walked on his own!!! Several times! He only went about 3 feet each time but it was SO cute, it brought tears to M's eyes. He also did a bunch of standing freely. He was sort of cranky yesterday which may have been the walking or may have been the chick peas for lunch. ;) Today he did a little more walking and standing. It is really exciting that Sam is getting close to achieving that milestone! Sam really enjoys walking outside now too.
Mommy has been trying to take Sam to the playground at Nytorget more often because there are almost always kids there and M thinks Sam needs to see more kids more often. Next week both English-speaking play groups start up again which is a very good thing. It is safe to say that Sam's first word is 'hat.' He is also working on saying 'hands,' 'hot,' 'dog', 'hi,' and as of today, 'down.' He continues to use signs too although it can be tricky to figure out just which sign he's trying to make.
Yesterday Sam wanted to hear one of the songs on 'Mama's Lullaby' five times in a row. It was the first time Sam really seemed to notice what was on the stereo. He also seemed to tune in when his new Raffi CD came on.
Sam is still usually being carried to sleep in the Didy. He now knows the word 'Didy' too and has tried to say that as well. :)

Since Mommy last wrote, Sam has:
  • eaten a complete meal of 'grown-up' food-- fish cakes and beans to start with followed by some of M&D's homemade pizza. Sam is no longer interested at all in being fed and would MUCH prefer to feed himself. Sam also enjoyed eating som fish loaf made from pike D caught at the Thyr sibling crayfish party.
  • gotten much more choosy about what he wants to do. If Mommy starts singing a song Sam doesn't want to hear he makes it quite clear that he has something else in mind. Sam also is making it very obvious when he wants to go outside (which is at least twice a day).
  • met some of the July babies out in Farsta, met Lex again, and met the twins Teodor and Elsa.