August, 2002

Sam woke up about 7:15 this morning. He spent time in the sling as Mommy had breakfast. Later in the morning he was sad. After lunch everybody went for a walk. Sam liked that and slept through most of it. Sam spent a lot of time looking at his mobile today. He also spent time in his bouncy chair. Sam put his thumb in his mouth today! But it didn't take long before he switched back to his knuckle. Sam wanted to hang out on his own a little more today. Mommy is having trouble figuring out what Sam wants, when, and for how long. She hopes she will get it worked out eventually. Sam didn't get as sad as he has lately in the evening, but he fell asleep later than usual. It ended up being the 'West Wing' theme song that put him to sleep on Mommy's lap sometime after 9.

Sam woke up about 7 this morning. He spent some time in the sling when Mommy had breakfast (standing up-- sitting down & the sling don't really seem to mix). Around 10:45 Mommy headed out to try to catch up with the July group who were having coffee in the city. Mommy was quite nervous about the expedition. For one thing she was worried that she would somehow lose control of the stroller on the escalator. Luckily that didn't happen. Mommy didn't find the cafe till 11:45 (with Daddy's phone help) but then the group wasn't there! Mommy decided to head home. Sam had woken up but stayed fairly calm until Mommy reached Mariatorget. Even then he was not super upset but Mommy stopped in the park to feed him anyway. He seemed to like looking at the trees. Mommy and Sam had a nap in the afternoon. Sam started to get sad around 5. He was interested in playing in his new bouncy chair for awhile and played there also during dinner. Sam was sad to come out of the bath. He went to bed early, around 7:45, so Mommy thinks he might be up once more before sleeping for real. :)

Sam woke up about 7 this morning. He spent some time in the sling around 9. He smiled quite a bit at something in the bedroom at one point. Sam spent more time in the sling around 2. The elevator was out of order so the afternoon walk meant Mommy carried Sam in the lift and Daddy wheeled the stroller down the stairs. M&D sure hope it gets fixed quickly. Sam fell asleep as soon as Mommy put him in the lift. He spent the walk sleeping. Sam had dinner with M&D in the sling. Mommy renounced her vegetarianism and had turkey. She thinks maybe that's why Sam went to bed pretty early, around 8:30.

Sam got up around 6 this morning and seemed to have a lot of tummy pain. Mommy suspects it may have had something to do with the yummy eggplant dish from last night. Around 11, Sam started to fall asleep, but didn't want to be put down. Daddy helped Mommy get Sam situated in the Mayan Sling where Sam napped for 45 minutes. After lunch everybody went for a walk. We walked by Munchen Bryggeriet so Håkan could see some climbs. Later Sam practiced his 'jumpies'. He put weight on his feet and held his head up with both M&D. Sam also spent time enjoying his sailboat mobile close up thanks to Daddy. Sam had dinner with M&D in his car seat and had the first of two laughs. Sam was sad for a little while in the evening, and then had a long dessert. He woke up again briefly and then went to sleep for the night around 9:15.

Sam woke up around 6 this morning. He ate quite a bit this morning and his tummy seemed to hurt him. Sam fell asleep in the stroller for the morning walk with M&D. In the evening Sam listened to his new lullaby CD and looked at his new black and white book. Sam seems to be learning how to suck on his hands. He's only used his knuckle so far but Mommy feels a finger or thumb can't be far behind. Sam had dinner with M&D in his car seat. He was sad for awhile after dinner but fell asleep early, around 8:15.

Sam got up a little past 6 this morning. He greeted the day with some big smiles. Around 8 Sam and Mommy took a nap. Sam was a little sad around 11. He eventually fell asleep on Mommy's shoulders and Daddy helped Mommy put on the Mayan sling so that Mommy had two hands free (sort of). Mommy thought Sam was waking up, but when Daddy helped her take Sam out of the sling, he suggested she see if Sam would stay asleep, which he did. Everybody went on the usual walk plus the extension. Sam had a lot of fun looking at the book spines with Daddy. He worked on head control and 'jumpies' (putting weight on his feet) on Mommy's lap. Sam was sad for a little while but then Daddy took him into the bedroom and Sam stopped crying when he saw Gambian mommy and daddy (wooden portraits of a woman and a man). Sam fell asleep somewhere around 9.

Quick entry, as Mommy needs to go to bed... walked to meet G&G at Slussen... ended up having lunch at a cafe in Gamla Stan. Said goodbye to G&G and headed home. Sam had a tough afternoon. When he had (finally) fallen asleep a boat made a very loud noise outside and woke him up. Mommy was very mad at the boat. Sam had a bath, which seemed to help him feel better. Sam fell asleep for real at about 9.

Another hot day. Sam got up at 7:45. Grampy and Grammy came over in the late morning while Sam was asleep. After Sam woke up and ate everybody went for a walk to Långholmen and back. Then Grampy and Grammy went sightseeing. Sam had a peaceful afternoon mostly in Mommy's arms. Then Sam, M&D took the bus and took a short walk to meet G&G at Herman's Vegetarian Restaurant where they had good food and a great view of Stockholm. Sam seemed to enjoy looking at the trees and the sky and hearing a little jazz. After dinner G&G headed back to their hotel while Sam, M&D decided to walk home. Sam didn't feel like being in the stroller anymore so he rode with Mommy. Sam fell asleep around 9:30.

Sam woke up at 5 this morning the first time, and then at 8. In the morning, Mommy helped Sam get hold of one toy with each hand while Sam was on the fleece. Sam held on to the small ring toy for quite awhile. :) After a nap, Mommy, Daddy, and Sam went to meet Grammy and Grampy at their hotel in Gamla Stan. Sam didn't seem to like the cobblestone streets, but he slept through the boat ride to Djurgården, as well as a long walk to Rosenlund where everybody had lunch. Sam wore his new sun hat. He seemed to really enjoy having lunch al fresco. Grampy and Grammy went to see sights while Sam, M&D went home. They met Cousins Ulrika and Sören, who were visiting from Köpenhamn, on the way. Sam smiled when Cousin Ulrika started holding him. He slept through a quick walk to Långholmen but then woke up and needed to process his day. He stopped processing (;)) around 7:30 and slept in Mommy's arms, with a brief nightmare break, until bedtime.

Another hot sunny day. Sam got up at 7 this morning. He smiled at his panda bear first thing. He smiled several more times before the day was done. Grampy and Grammy came over about 10 to visit. After hanging out for awhile, we all walked along the water to Slussen. Mommy, Daddy, and Sam went back home while Grammy and Grampy went sightseeing. Sam did some really good head turning to see his panda bear and his rattle. He spent some time on his fleece knocking over his rattle. Daddy gave Sam a really great tummy massage that helped Sam make poopy. Sam and Mommy took a nap for awhile in the afternoon, then Sam continued his nap with Daddy in his Baby Björn. That gives the BB a 2 for 5 success ratio. :) Sam had dinner with Mommy and Daddy in his car seat on the table. He had a bath after dinner. Sam was sad for maybe 30 minutes before he decided it was time to sleep.

Today Sam rode the real train for the first time. M, D, and Sam went to Ed to visit Farmor and Farfar. Sam did really well on the train. It was really hot on the first train and also on the second train, but on the second train there was confusion as a carriage was missing so M, D, and Sam got to sit in a first class carriage. At least the windows were open on that one. Sam really enjoyed sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's arms.

Daddy's birthday!
M, D, and Sam celebrated with lunch at the outside seating at Vetebullen. D had a piece of prinsesstårta. Sam got to eat al fresco too.

During the time Auntie Lauren was here, Sam went for several walks with her and Mommy. Sam enjoyed playing on the fleece with Lauren; she had different games than M&D. Sam also went out to dinner for the first time while Lauren was here, to Govinda's. Auntie Lauren was very chill about Mommy breastfeeding which was great, as it was Mommy's real public debut. Sam hopes he will get to visit with Auntie Lauren again soon.

Sam met Auntie Lauren today. He and M walked over to Långholmen where Lauren was staying. Lauren helped M give Sam a bath as Daddy was out of town.