July, 2003

Sam is now a dual citizen; he got his American passport the other day.
Sam and Mommy just spent a few days alone together while Daddy was visiting Farmor and Farfar. It went well although on Sunday Sam did the sign for 'Daddy' several times. Then when Daddy did come home he had Hans N. with him. At first Sam was very shy but then Hans introduced him to using one of his plastic buckets as a snare to his wooden 'bass' drum and they started rocking out. ;)
Sam has learned how to pull the string of his giraffe stuffed-animal music box. He has also gotten taller; Daddy has had to move his change bowl.
Walks and sleeping are still a bit tricky. Sam still falls asleep if he's in the Didy on Mommy's tummy but he's getting pretty heavy to be there for long. The frame pack is better for when Sam doesn't need to sleep. Then he thinks it's a wonderful place to be. Mommy tried again to do the Didy back carry on her own while Daddy was away but it didn't work out. Sam also still likes to go to sleep in the Didy at home much of the time and while D was away Sam had a couple of pretty late nights.
Sam has started to lose interest in the purees M&D have made for him. He now wants to be in on whatever M&D are eating! So far he has very much enjoyed some Greek pasta salad and some pasta with spinach and eggs. This presents new challenges to Mommy as it takes Sam much longer to eat and as she has somewhat less control over how much/how nutritious his food intake is. As Grandma pointed out, this is just the start, Mommy will have less and less control over more and more parts of Sam's life as time goes on. :)
Sam continues to use some sign language and is trying to ask for certain songs using gestures of his own. He has made it obvious to Mommy when he wants her to continue with a certain song rather than move on to another song. (It's all about the songs... Mommy is considering recording a kids' music CD ;)). Sam is also developing a sense of humor. For some reason he finds the word 'yore' in the song 'Too-ra-loo-ra loo-ra' quite entertaining.
Sam continues to be into hiding and he is scared of the potholders. But he loves the food processor now.
Mommy thinks 'hat' or 'hot' will be Sam's first real word. His current favorite books are 'Maisy's Fire Engine,' 'Polar Bear Polar Bear,' 'Hush Little Baby,' and of course 'Curious George's Opposites' (which Mommy doesn't really understand, she finds Curious George sort of boring). He is also starting to like 'Whistle For Willie', especially the pages with the big hat.
Sam continues to work on walking and standing but that's still not his top priority.

Mommy remembered some other things that Sam has done in the last couple weeks.
  • Sam has applied for his American citizenship and should get his American passport in a couple weeks
  • Sam has spent some time in his new Tatonka frame pack. D&M were able to bring Sam up Hammarby Backe ski slope where the family had a picnic on a sunny summer day not too long ago.
  • Sam tried swimming for the first time. He was only in the water for maybe 5 minutes but seemed to like it. There were a lot of older kids there so M&S didn't stay for too long.
  • Sam continues to get better at feeding himself finger foods.
  • Sam has also stood up unsupported a few more times.

A ton has happened in Sam's life since Mommy last wrote. To start with, Sam celebrated his first birthday!!! Daddy made a cake. Sam opened his presents gradually, that seemed to be the best choice. He got lots of wonderful presents! That evening friends from Gbg came, Magnus and Jenny, with their daughters Kajsa (2 1/2) and Lisa (10 months). It was really fun to watch the kids playing separately and together. The Homanns stayed for a couple days and Sam got to go to Skansen for the first time. He found the bears and the seals interesting but was very scared of the goats and cows.
This week Sam got to meet his Great Grandma Lynn and his Great Aunt Annabelle who were over from the States. Yesterday we all went to Drottningholm. Sam had a lot of fun on the boat ride there and back although on the way back the boat whistle scared him. He had a nap in his stroller while the grownups ate ice cream at the cafe at the China Pavillion on Drottningholm. Mommy thought it was great that Sam got a chance to meet them.
Also since Mommy last wrote, Sam has:
  • started using certain signs, like 'more,' 'eat', 'wait,' and 'milk.' Mommy has ordered a book about baby signing so hopefully she'll be able to introduce more useful ones soon.
  • started walking around the table and playing standing at the couch. He has also used his 'learn-to-walk' wagon on his own a few times, although he still doesn't know how to turn it.
  • started waving (sort of)
  • started anticipating the next part of books and songs
  • started saying 'vroom vroom' about cars and pretty much anything else with wheels
  • gotten some more Maisy books and a Maisy stuffed toy and begun to make the connection between the toy and the books (Maisy is a HUGE hit)
  • begun to feed himself finger foods like Cheerios and cookie and begun to try to get his own water from a bottle

Sam's First Birthday! Happy Birthday Sam! And thanks to everyone who thought of Sam on this special day all over the world! We love you Sam!