June, 2003

This past Friday was a big day for Sam. It was Midsummer here in Sweden and M&D decided to celebrate by renting a video for the first time since before Sam arrived. Sam got to walk to the video store (with M&D's help) which is the furthest he had walked yet. He stopped several times along the way to admire car wheels and other things.
Later that day Sam clapped his hands for the first time! And that night Sam went to bed at 7:30 and slept pretty soundly until 8:30 the next morning, which meant that M&D got to watch the whole video with only one brief interruption! All in all an excellent day!
Since then Sam has been clapping his hands a bunch and it is super cute. Mommy is also trying to let him have more time outside to walk or play whenever possible. Daddy picked up some good sandbox toys that Sam has been using.
Sam seems to be trying to separate English and Swedish a bit more actively. He will frequently point to D's nose, and D will say, 'näsa,' and then Sam will point to M's nose, and M says 'nose.' Sam goes back and forth several times. He also is starting to pick out certain words from sentences and M thinks he tried to use the sign for 'eat' the other day.

Sam now seems to be fully recovered from the fall. Since Mommy last wrote, Sam has:
  • been on a brief picnic with the July group; the weather didn't cooperate so Sam ended up playing at Kulturhuset with a couple of the other July boys
  • gotten his first dump truck which he loved immediately (although he crawled over it today and sort of fell, resulting in some tears)
  • been to the English-speaking play group again. He started a game of peek-a-boo that some of the other kids joined.
  • ridden on the see-saw with another kid for the first time
  • started to make it clear to M&D that he understands some basic words
  • been introduced to a few new signs. Mommy is hoping that M&D using the same signs for a few things will help Sam, kind of a unifying language although not at all a complete one.
  • continued to show a lot of interest in walking, but still no real steps.
Sam now has 5 teeth out, 3 up and 2 down. He also got another shot. Sam is still not going to bed until late making it hard for M to get up at a reasonable time, but the lightest day is coming right up and as it gets darker M bets it will be easier. Sam also continues to be quite talkative. He also will now chase M&D with books.
M's solution of bringing the Didymos or another sling on walks, picking Sam up when he's tired, and then putting him back down when he falls asleep has been working fairly well, making walks less stressful for Mommy, so that's good.

Mommy is still having trouble getting past 'the incident.' She just can't believe that she could have been so amazingly stupid and it makes her really worried about what else she could do. Also she wonders what sort of long-term effects this will have on Sam. She has heard some other stories now but only a couple have even come close in terms of parental mistakes. But D says it is time for M to move on and that is what she is trying to do. She burned a stick of 'Wholeness' incense today to help her in the quest to move on.
Sam has gotten suddenly much better at walking. He can walk holding on to just one adult hand now sometimes.
Sam is getting all sorts of teeth at the moment; one is through on top.
Last week Sam went to visit Martin&Jenny, he really enjoyed playing at their place and wasn't very shy at all with them.
Sam is currently upping the 'peek-a-boo' ante; now he likes to hide from favorite toys like top and ball as well as from turtle.

Well, Mommy thinks Sam is going to be ok. He definitely got a bad bump and his little head does hurt but he was quite himself most of the day. Mommy is very, very thankful.

Yesterday was a very difficult day. Right before dinner M was trying out the back carry in a new sling that D sewed. Mommy is now used to other slings and when she went to take this one off she did not really think very clearly. Her other slings come off fairly slowly but with this one you pop two buckles and the baby, in this case Sam, falls out. So, Sam fell from M's back to the floor. :( :( :( Mommy was VERY VERY upset and Sam was also very upset. He started shaking his head in a strange way and M panicked and insisted that M&D take him directly to the emergency room without even calling. The taxi got lost but luckily M&D managed to hijack a taxi after just a few minutes. That was the best taxi driver M&D could have gotten b/c he told them stories of how his kids had bonked their heads and been ok. At Sachsska the nurses said M,D&S should go to Astrid Lindgren which is across town. They did that. Meanwhile Sam had fallen asleep and M had shed a bunch of tears.
After a LONG LONG wait, during which when Sam woke up he seemed to have a pretty good time in the waiting room until about 11:30pm when he started to really get tired, everybody finally got to see the doctor. Then Sam had to get x-rays which was extremely traumatic b/c the bump on his head hurt, he was exhausted, and M&D had to wear weird outfits and hold him down. Well in the end the doctor said it looked like there was no fracture, it didn't seem like there was internal bleeding, and basically Sam seemed to be reasonably OK. She told M&D to call if Sam started to act strangely.
Well, today Mommy feels really really horrible. Daddy did cheer her up with a story about how some of his dad's brothers used to toss his Uncle Stig around until one time when Stig hit some sort of concrete. Stig survived just fine. Mommy also was told a story about a kid who ate an entire bottle of vitamins while her dad was sitting in the same room. The girl needed her stomach pumped but was fine. If any readers have stories like this that might cheer Mommy up feel free to call or email... bethlynette@yahoo.com ;)
Of course the truth is that Mommy feels terrible and it is very scary to think that Mommy can't even keep Sam basically safe. Accidents really do happen very very easily and that is quite terrifying. In fact Mommy better try really hard not to think about that. Also there is really no way that Mommy can make it up to Sam and ironically enough she is having a lot of trouble focussing today so she's probably not quite up to her momming standards in general. The other thing is, Mommy is pretty much going to need to put Sam on her back again, if not today, then tomorrow, if she ever wants to get any dishes done, and she is worried about that. It is times like this when Mommy sort of wishes she was Catholic because she would like to go to Confession and be able to say several hundred Hail Marys to make up for it.
Anyway Mommy very much hopes that she will not do anything equally stupid ever again and she hopes that Sam will not have lasting damage.
Mommy also went to a picnic with the American women yesterday but that's a whole other story that Mommy doesn't have time to tell right now.