May, 2003

Today Sam made up a game that he thought was the best thing ever. It involved M or D winding up turtle (yes, turtle, who used to be scary but is now a good friend) and letting him loose in the livingroom. Sam would then hide behind the room divider, then go get turtle, bring him to M or D, and go back behind the divider. Sam must have played this game for a solid half an hour over the course of the evening. :) It was great to watch him come up with his own game.
On the playground this morning there were a couple of boys who were maybe 6 or 7 playing by the basketball hoop. Sam got VERY excited about their ball and wanted to play too. One of the boys was very nice and asked if Sam wanted to play, I explained that he was still too little, but that he would love to touch the ball, which he got to do. Then Mommy figured they'd better relocate.
Sam went to bed very late tonight; his LONG nap this afternoon may have had something to do with that. Lately at night Sam has been most content going to sleep while in Mommy's lap in bed rather than being carried. Daddy luckily came along on walk as Sam needed to be carried for maybe three blocks to go to sleep.
Yesterday Sam and Daddy had a really good time playing on the balcony. Sam played with water in one of the flower pots out there for quite awhile.
This afternoon Sam was granted the special privilege of playing with D's coffee cup; he found that highly entertaining and yelled into it for awhile.
Sam has gotten very good at turning the TV off with the remote control. Unfortunately it's a different, rather hidden, button that turns the TV back on. But the stereo is much easier. Sam is being allowed to play with one CD. He gets very excited when he gets help putting that CD in.
Today Sam got very sad when Mommy tried to sing along with Daddy's going outside song. M suspects that it is not OK with Sam that Mommy sing in Swedish, although it seems OK for Daddy to sing in English. The bilingual thing has got to be sort of hard. M hopes it won't be TOO hard.
Sam also saw a celebrity today, Tomas Di Leva, at M's favorite take-out coffee establishment, Svart Kaffe.

Today Sam was able to stick Mrs. Potato Head's arm back in, granted he chose to stick it on top where her hat usually goes, but still, strong fine motor skills... ;)
Sam handed Daddy a Kleenex tonight and put it up to his nose for him. Sam is a bit confused between 'ring' and 'wing'. When M sings 'The Green Grass Grows All Around' song, Sam has started to point to M's ring when the verse with 'wing' comes up.
Sam has completely learned the routine for going inside and outside. Today he held M's key up to the outside door to open it.
M&D are pretty sure Sam's first two top teeth are on their way. You can just about see them under the gum.
Today was Swedish Mother's Day so M got a bouquet of lillies of the valley that D helped Sam pick outside. :)

Over the past few days Sam has been pulling himself up more and more. Today he pulled himself up to better reach the microwave, one of his current favorite 'let's push the button' 'toys.' ;)
This morning Sam got to meet cousins Martin, Jenny, Ulrika, and Sören. He was pretty tired so didn't really play too much but did have some comments on the conversation when they first got here.
Today Sam got a bunch of new toys that are hand-me-downs from cousins Agnes and Gustav. He took to his new little chair right away but found the turtle and the phone rather scary. Mommy thinks Sam is a sensitive guy. Last night he had a lot of trouble falling asleep and it wasn't until quite late that M&D realized they had clothes and boxes all over the livingroom (they had been sorting Sam's old clothes to figure out what to lend to his soon-to-be-born 'kusinbarn'). Sam fell asleep 10 minutes after D cleared out the livingroom.
Sam has also figured out how to operate the top Auntie Lauren sent over. He took the top for a walk around the kitchen yesterday. He continues to love cleaning aids like the feather duster and the mop (too bad M couldn't teach him to dust, that is her least favorite chore).
Sam has been going to the playground right outside a bit more frequently. He has met some other kids. One boy was kind enough to share a tractor that Sam thought was very cool.

Over the past few days, Sam has:
  • met his first cats (he liked the real thing better than the sounds on his lullaby CD, sometimes he finds those 'cats' a little scary, just like sometimes the word 'roar' is scary, must be something about being surrounded by Leos...)
  • seen a remote-controlled car on the playground that was very interesting
  • shown definite interest in the bulldozer close to the playground
  • been on the playground a few times in general. Sam really likes to be outside and knows the whole routine, he likes to push the elevator buttons especially
  • met a few new friends in the park at Nytorget
  • continued to be very talkative
  • had some trouble falling asleep while D and 'Uncle' Hans were watching soccer, but he finally nodded off, thanks again to the soothing sounds of Restful Rain.

Sam's 'speech' has been getting much more language-like lately. He is more interested in having 'conversations' and some of his sounds seem to actually mean something to him, especially 'da', which seems to mean many things. ;) Sometimes if M&D are talking Sam will chime in with his opinion. It is super cute and makes Mommy laugh sometimes.
Sam has also started to make some very entertaining faces. Like when he puts a toy inside another toy sometimes he will get this surprised look, like, 'Oh, I did that.' He is also starting to break into big smiles, especially if Mommy starts to sing one of his favorite songs.
M thinks that Sam is having trouble falling asleep at night because it is staying so light in the apartment since the sun is going down very late. Tonight M did Restful Rain in the bedroom instead and that seemed to be a good choice. Today Sam and Mommy have been on their own again as Daddy is running Göteborgsvarvet. It has gone ok so far although Sam was very sad this morning when he woke up at 6 and realized D was gone. Luckily 12 verses of 'Froggie Went A-Courtin'' helped him fall back asleep.

Well, it figures that the day after Mother's Day would be kind of a tough one. Sam had a lot of opinions about what he wanted to do today and when they didn't match what Mommy wanted to do Sam got rather upset. It is especially tricky with the balcony door as Sam always wants to go outside when he sees it getting opened.
Last Friday Sam got to meet a little American friend, Lex, who is about 3 months old, and Mommy got to meet Lex's mom Jen. Sam thought it was fun to see a 'baby'.
Daddy went to visit Farmor and Farfar on Saturday so M&Sam were on their own until Sunday night. They developed their own rhythm and the weekend went pretty smoothly, although Sam didn't sleep very well on Saturday night. M thinks he could tell D wasn't home. Sam wanted to spend a lot of time by the outside door. Over the wknd Sam had a great time helping Mommy clean her ears (after Sam had had his cleaned) and water the plants. Watering the plants was especially fun.
Sam has been playing with his new (inherited) learn-to-walk wagon and seems quite interested in it although the walking part still needs a little work. Sam has also learned how to shut the pop-up doors on his caterpillar! He continues to be very interested in the capital letters of 'Guess How Much I Love You'. Sam has been making some great sounds and had his first taste of vegetarian chili tonight.

Mommy's first 'real' Mother's Day! Mommy is grateful beyond words that Sam has entered her life and she feels very blessed that he has been so healthy.

Yesterday Sam had a very exciting day. While he was asleep his two friends Viktor and Max (and their moms Ellinor and Jennie) came over to visit. When Sam woke up and found new people in the kitchen, some of them playing with the new toys D had gotten the night before at Ikea, he was not too happy. After stepping aside for a little bit, Sam got used to the idea. The boys played for awhile while the mommies and Daddy had cake, then Sam and Max ate lunch and everybody headed out on a walk. We all went to Tevere, where Sam got to play some more and had his first feta cheese and coleslaw. He liked eating the feta and playing with the coleslaw. After lunch Sam got to ride on Daddy's shoulders most of the way home. He thought that was great fun. Sam had a lot to say while his friends were here and he kept 'talking' afterwards too.
Going to sleep last night was pretty hard. What finally helped was when Mommy started talking to Auntie Mo on the phone. Sometimes M talking on the phone does the trick, but M is afraid Sam can tell when she's fake talking.

Today Sam had his 10-month doctor's visit. The doctor said Sam seems quite healthy. He now weighs 10.5kg and is 76cm tall. Sam was not happy at all to see the doctor. Mommy thinks he got quite hot on the bus, but he had fun playing peek-a-boo with an elderly lady there. After the doctor's, Sam had a good nap in his stroller.
Sam got his first puzzle today, a wooden one with knobs. He liked taking the pieces out. Today Sam has made a lot of sounds. His most favorite sound is still 'dada'.

Sam tried out facing forward in his stroller today. He seemed to think that was pretty ok. He was quiet at first, then he complained a little, then he fell asleep. :) That's the first time in a couple weeks that he has fallen asleep outside so M was very happy. He only slept for about 45 minutes and M felt a little uncomfortable not being able to see him while he was sleeping, but hey, whatever works. She also sort of regretted not having thought of the importance of the plastic rear-view window when making the stroller decision, but then again, Sam generally lets M&D know when he wakes up.
This evening Sam fell asleep in record time quite early, so we'll see how the night goes.
Lately Sam has been a bit out of sorts. M suspects more teeth may be on the way.
Sam's favorite toy at the moment is clearly his wooden drum. He has started using the drumsticks like a real drummer. Sam has also been able to put the head on the stacking toy a few times.
Mommy is realizing that it is important to think twice before starting new habits. Sam likes to feed M cheerios, which is fine, but he has recently started wanting to feed M green apple too. Well, today M bit down a little while Sam's finger was still there, she didn't draw blood or anything, but Sam was understandably upset. Thus M needs to rethink the green apple habit. Along similar lines, M needs to be more strict about not singing for Sam until she herself has finished eating. Sam now gets upset if M doesn't sing at lunchtime. Strangely he seems to have either figured out that it's just for lunchtime or that it's when M sits in a certain chair that he can expect musical entertainment. It is very hard to be consistent.
Sam was more tolerant of M playing the flute today than he has ever been. He even sat about five feet away and played with Mrs. Potato Head for maybe five minutes! But after a bit he decided he had had enough and went over to stand up using M's pant leg.
Sam continues to love peek-a-boo, especially when played after the bath with the shower curtain.

Today Mommy tried taking Sam out without the stroller. It went OK but it was actually much nastier weather than Mommy had realized. Mommy decided just going to the ferry was far enough.
Mommy also wanted to report that Sam took his first spoonful of food by himself for the first time the other day.

On Monday Sam and Mommy went to the BVC to hear about how to take care of Sam's teeth. Sam got to meet many of the babies from the mammagrupp that he hadn't met since December. A lot of them looked very different! Sam got to do some sharing with a couple of them and he said hi to three of the other moms too. Sam continues to be shy around strangers but he is getting more and more sociable. His general tactic continues to be, 'say hello, then bury face in Mommy's shoulder, then say hi again.' Sharing was a little bit tricky but Sam got used to it.
Lately Sam has really not enjoyed being in his stroller. Several times Mommy has ended up carrying him. Today Daddy came along for the walk too and Daddy got to do quite a bit of carrying too. M, D, and Sam stopped off at the Nytorget playground again and Sam got to swing in the baby swing while M went to get a latte. When D tried to take him out Sam protested. He ended up swinging for quite awhile. Then he 'walked' some of the ways back to the ferry.
Mommy is trying to teach Sam 'gentle touching' of things like cards and plants. She is also trying to teach him not to take the CDs out of the bookcase.
Sam has been getting more interested in the rocking horse that Uncle Ulf brought down. M is calling it Gretl (its real name is Snälle Pelle).