April, 2003

Last night Sam met his uncle Ulf for the first time. It went quite well. Sam has gotten much better about meeting people lately much to Mommy's relief. He is still sort of shy at first but frequently ends up wanting to go say hello.
Lately Sam has again not been too crazy about being in the stroller for walks. Sometimes he has needed to come out of his stroller. He has started to enjoy 'walking' when out of the stroller (while being held by M or D under the arms). Sam has gotten pretty familiar with the layout of the ferry for example.
Yesterday Sam tried a 'baby' swing for the first time at the playground at Nytorget. He thought that was great! He also got to try the merry-go-round and the slide (with M). They weren't as much fun but were still ok. He liked the gramma that was swinging her granddaughter in the swing next door too.
Sam has learned how to go from crawling to sitting. He has started using Mommy's hand to ask her to do things. Sam now very much enjoys playing with and eating Cheerios while eating his real food. He likes to feed them to M&D too. Mommy just hopes she's not turning him into a sugar fiend with the Cheerios b/c unlike in the States they are sweetened.
Sam also really likes playing with the extra computer keyboard. A couple nights ago when Mommy was reading 'Guess How Much I Love You' Sam pointed at the capital 'T' on the last page. When M said 't', Sam cracked up, and thought it was quite hilarious. So M and Sam had a laugh riot about 't'. M likes it when Sam gets into laugh riot mode. :)

Sam feels better now! Hooray! It was a long bout with sickness but now Sam is feeling good again.
Mommy is a bit worried that Sam isn't getting enough action. Sam really likes to do a lot of things that involve sitting in one place. His most favorite activity continues to be books; it gets to the point that M&D hope he isn't heading towards his book shelf. But he sure is cute about them. The book he actually 'talks' to is '10 In The Bed.' 'Var Bor Molly' is his other super favorite.
Sam has also decided that when Mommy is not eating but is feeding Sam, she should sing, preferably a song with hand motions. '5 Little Ducks' and 'Monkeys on the Bed' are current faves. He actually thinks Mommy should sing almost all the time while he's eating but Mommy has explained that that just can't always happen.
Sam is starting to understand what it means to go out the apartment door. He has cried a couple times when Daddy has left. Today Sam and Mommy spent maybe 15 minutes in the park outside and Sam was sad to come in but it was colder than Mommy had thought so coming in was a good idea.
Sam has gotten somewhat more upright while crawling but his left leg is still stuck under him. He has also gotten better at going from crawling to sitting. Sam is trying to pull himself up on things, mostly on the kitchen chairs and on Mommy, especially when M&D are eating dinner. :)
Sam figured out how to breathe into the pink tube toy for the first time. Mommy thinks he is understanding certain words. Today he made a lot of sounds. His current faves are 'da-da' and 'bu-eh.' Sam goes back and forth on the one or two nap issue.
Sam had a great time playing with the broom when M let him have it for the first time. It makes M think maybe he needs a child hockey stick.

Sam has been having a tough time the last few days. On top of having a very bad cold, that Mommy suspects he may have picked up at play group, he is also getting teeth. One bottom tooth came through yesterday and another one today. Two nights ago we took Sam to the hospital. After a long wait the doctor said that he has a viral cold and there isn't much we can do except give him nasal spray and saline drops. As of today Sam's nose is running a bit less but he is still very much not himself. Yesterday he slept quite a bit but it was very hard to help him go to sleep at night. Today he has a bad cough and he is still all 'floppy'. He has also been having a lot of trouble eating and drinking so Mommy continues to worry about dehydration. At least he doesn't have a fever. Mommy continues to hope very much that Sam will feel better soon. Both Mommy and Daddy are also a bit under the weather. But this too shall pass. :)

Yesterday Sam went to his first 'play group' with other English-speaking babies. There were four other babies there, ranging from 4-12 months in age. Sam played a little bit with Johanna, who at 10 months was closest to his age. Sam seemed to have fun but got very tired at the end. Unfortunately he didn't sleep for too long afterwards as the bus door noise woke him up.
It has been harder to help Sam take a morning nap which has been resulting in stressed-out lunches for Mommy and Sam. Mommy thinks Sam may still be feeling the effects of the time change. Also Mommy is just not able to carry him for as long, so the 'Restful Rain' sessions are now down to about 10 minutes each try.
Sam has put the circle shapes into his shape sorter a couple times on his own. He loves it when M&D clap for him.
Sam also made his first real decision about where he wanted to be today. Mommy put him in the office so she could be on the computer for a few minutes. Well, he headed right out of the office and went to see his ball in the livingroom. :)