March, 2004

Today Sam learned how to climb up a sort of ladder (a board at 45 degrees with rungs) and go down the slide all by himself! Once he had gotten the hang of it he did it over and over! H. and I were very proud of him.
Sam is now taking a daily low dose of antibiotics. On Friday he had a fever and obvious ear pain but it actually passed more quickly than it usually does so maybe the meds are helping. He is also scheduled to get tubes on June 16th. We will have to see what happens between now and then; maybe just antibiotics will be enough for him.
Sam is talking more and more, in both English and Swedish. I've started reading to Sam in Swedish sometimes since he hears it so much less now.
Bedtime is still a challenge but Sam has been really enjoying napping on his new big-boy bed. Unfortunately now they're doing really noisy renovation on the attached house next door so only wknds. can guarantee quiet napping.