March, 2003

Sam has learned how to stack wooden blocks. He has built several towers of two and a few towers of three. Mommy and Daddy have reacted most enthusiastically when Sam has made the towers but have tried to be supportive when he hasn't quite succeeded. It is interesting for Mommy to note that this is when that sort of thing starts-- that Sam can do certain things more 'right' and that they thus get a bigger response. Mommy hopes that she will be able to be open to Sam's way of doing things and encourage all his efforts, not just the 'right' ones. Eating has been similar, as Sam can get closer to really feeding himself. He very much enjoys having his own bowl in front of him. It's just too bad they don't stick a little better. ;)
Sleeping at night has gotten more difficult again. Daddy often has to get up to carry Sam once or twice a night. Mommy carries Sam so much during the day that the nighttime outings just put her over the edge. M&D will work on finding a way to avoid getting out of bed at night.
It has also been a little tricky to figure out what to feed Sam for breakfast. He loves rice cereal but his tummy can't really handle two helpings a day. The past couple of days M&D have opted to give Sam veggies for breakfast. He likes that and his tummy seems ok with it so they'll have to continue with that for lack of a better option.
Sam continues to love books. He especially likes when Daddy reads his 'Molly' books (a.k.a. Maisy).
Lately Sam has sometimes not wanted to be in his stroller. That may be partly because he has gone back to usually having a morning nap so he's not always exhausted by walk time.
Sam is getting more tolerant of tummy time and has been pushing himself forward if M or D holds their arm/hands behind his feet. He likes playing peek-a-boo while sitting in his crib and has been trying to pull himself up with the crib sides.

A couple of days ago it was like Sam woke up to the outside world in his stroller. He wanted to sit right up and he wanted to watch EVERYTHING. He especially liked watching the cars and busses. That has continued on subsequent walks.
Sam is getting interested in moving. He rocks while sitting a bunch now and he can move himself backwards. He also still really loves to stand up and has liked to move things while standing.
Sam pointed for the first time yesterday and seems to understand the idea of pointing much better now.

Sam has had a few good belly laughs lately. He is finding new games to play. His latest is to lean way over to one side and grin. It is adorable. :) Sam has been sticking with an early-to-bed, early-to-rise schedule lately. Unfortunately he has also been waking up sad several times at night. Two nights ago he was very stuffed up; Mommy sprang into 'Mommy action mode' and put in nose drops which made him even more upset. Then it took them both awhile to get back to sleep. Last night he was less stuffed up but still woke several times. Luckily Daddy is willing to take many night shifts. Thank goodness for 'Restful Rain.'
Sam is also noticing more and more while he's in his stroller. He generally stays awake for awhile now and likes to at least half-sit. Mommy's timing seems to be better again now and she has realized that it works best if Sam has a snack before walking.
Sam is able to support himself standing for several seconds while holding onto things. He still shows no serious interest in crawling.

Sam is really starting to understand object permanence now. This morning he played 'hide the ball under the pillow' for several minutes. He is starting to enjoy counting. He loves to count the bug pictures on his sippy cup. Unfortunately that is still more fun than really drinking from his cup but that's ok. Yesterday Sam 'fed' Mommy for the first time. He also spent a bunch of time putting a juggling ball in Daddy's mouth.
Last night Sam had a lot of trouble going to sleep. It seems like maybe he's getting some of the separation anxiety that's supposed to come along at about this time. Still he was asleep by 10, so that's way better than it used to be. :)

This past Monday Sam got to go out to lunch. He thought that was great fun, especially the big aquarium and the decorations in the ceiling.
Sam likes swooping right now and also flying. Daddy is much better at playing 'flying.' :) Sam is working on sitting up on his own.
Sam continues to be fascinated by processes. He loves watching Daddy make his coffee in the morning; he especially likes when the steam starts coming out. He also likes watching Mommy get ready for bed.
Sam is starting to understand object permanence a little bit. He has started looking for things under other things.
Lately Sam has been going to bed earlier but also getting up earlier.