February, 2004

Stepping back again... other highlights of Mommy and Sam's time in Vermont:
  • making jello shapes in the golden sand on the porch and sweeping afterwards
  • car rides with Cousin Seviah and Auntie Karen
  • listening to Little Puppy with Grandma
  • getting to know Grandma's two dogs and especially Grandma's cat (thus starting Sam's unabated love for cats)
  • meeting Maureen and family
  • coloring with Cousin Seviah and Auntie Karen
  • learning the Hokey Pokey
  • doing the Barnyard Dance
  • listening to Wynken, Blynken and Nod
  • sleeping in the garage, especially the day it rained really hard. Mommy thinks Sam likes the sound of rain.
After Vermont, it was time to go to Boston. Grandma drove Sam and I down to Mass. (even though she shouldn't have) so that I could get my American license renewed. Sam again enjoyed the REI plaza, finding the Santa&reindeer display especially exciting. Sam was very unhappy about getting into a new car seat so the trip to Boston was a tough one. Once in Boston Sam and I spent time around Coolidge Corner and played some in the park nearby. The last night in Boston we went to dinner at Bjorn and Carrie's home. As a special bonus we also got to meet Derek and Nancy. We had a lovely dinner, it was great to see all of them, and Sam had a good time. But that night I felt Sam's fever going up and by morning he had his highest fever yet. That morning was the day before Thanksgiving and after a bunch of powwowing and visiting with Auntie Melissa (who was just the person for that morning) Sam ended up falling asleep on the way to the Cape. On Thanksgiving Day Sam took a long nap in Mommy's lap while she looked at some of Auntie Melissa's pictures from China. Good food was enjoyed by all. Sam found bottle opening very entertaining thus leading to Grampy being "pop pop toot toot" man. The day after Thanksgiving Grammy came with Mommy and Sam to the doctor's. It was quite an ordeal and Mommy is very thankful she didn't have to go through it alone. The assessment was another ear infection.
While on the Cape Sam liked:
  • reading Moo Baa La
  • playing in the driveway with the balls and cars
  • helping Grampy rake
  • riding in Grammy's wheelbarrow.
The last night of our stay we went to dinner at Uncle Jason and Auntie Beth's house. Sam discovered he loves pizza and he had fun playing with Jack and Jayne and their toys, especially the ABC magnet toy. Sam even got to help trim the Christmas tree!
Grampy took us back to the airport and Sam slept through much of the trip home, which I was thankful for at the time, but which I came to rue bitterly. Recovering from jet lag on our return was EXCRUCIATING. I became well-acquainted with late-night Swedish TV and began to look forward to Hawaii Five-O.

Well, I still haven't filled in the gaps, but I feel the need to record that Sam's current favorite toys are a parmesan cheese grated and a Mouli-Julienne (a sort of hand grater). Also he has fallen head over heels in love with the Teletubbies, especially Dipsy. But not even Dipsy can go up against George the bulldozer driver. Sam has also started using his own nickname ("Sammy Patammy") and has shown a great deal of interest in learning how to say his full name, "Samuel."

It has been a VERY long time since Mommy updated this diary and so much has happened. Mommy will only try to capture the highlights. In October Mommy, Pappa, and Sam (Daddy has now become Pappa... in a curious twist, Sam now calls Mommy "Dada" and Pappa "Pappa") moved in with their very kind friend Hans. After some adjustment everyone settled in. M&S enjoyed watching the big boats pass by and Sam especially enjoyed the "boat light" (Mommy thought it was a lighthouse but it turned out to be a TV tower ;)). Sam started watching more TV, learned to stir, and played peek-a-boo with Hans to the degree that Hans is now known as "peek-a-boo Hans."
In early November Mommy and Sam went to the U.S.. Pappa went to England to look for a job. By the end of the first weekend in the U.S. Sam had met, in somewhat chronological order: Grampy&Grammy, Gramma&Grampa, Auntie Karen&Cousin Seviah, Uncle Jeff&Auntie Jeana, Cousins Susan&Diana, Honorary Auntie Mo and family, and Nanny and Poppop. Also by the end of the first weekend Sam had already developed his second ear infection and seen Dr. D. Sam adjusted to the time difference in that direction pretty quickly, it just involved a few VERY early mornings for Mommy.
It was really wonderful to spend time in Vermont and Mommy felt is was extra super special that Sam got to spend so much time with Cousin Seviah (thanks Uncle Ernie for letting her be gone for so long!). They were really cute together. At that point Sam was much shier than he is now and Seviah was really gentle with him. By the end of their time together Sam could let Seviah give him a kiss. Mommy thinks Sam missed Seviah the couple nights she and Auntie Karen were away.