February, 2003

Last night Sam slept from before 7PM till 6:20AM! Mommy would sort of prefer from 8 to 7 but hey, that is still really good. He did wake up a few times during the night but he wasn't upset and he only needed to hear Restful Rain the first time he woke up, around 8PM! Yay!
Sam started the day today by rolling from his back to his tummy for the first time. He wanted to get closer to the metal hinge on a box in the computer room.
Sam got to spend some time with Aunt Åsa and Uncle Ronnie today! Because his schedule was much different from usual today it turned out that right after lunch was not when Sam wanted to sleep in his stroller. So the four grownups and Sam had coffee at Tevere where Aunt Åsa found Sam a fun toy (a long spoon, good for 'eating' and banging). After fika Sam was happy to fall asleep in his stroller. :)

Sam didn't take a morning nap today and he was so tired he barely made it through lunch. That meant Mommy took him out walking early, at noon. Mommy thought about staying out till 2PM to join the antiwar demonstrators and headed in the direction of town but in the end decided it would be too long of an afternoon. But she and Sam were there in spirit.

Yesterday Sam took his first 'steps'! Mommy was holding him but he moved his feet just like a big boy! Since then he has done some more 'walking.' He has also stood up for a second or two while holding on to just furniture. Still no real progress on the crawling front although he has gone forward from sitting a couple times. Sam also still hasn't rolled from back to tummy but since he is not at all crazy about being on his tummy that doesn't surprise Mommy. The only place he really likes to be on his tummy is on the big blue ball.
Sam has also started banging toys onto the floor and yesterday he banged two blocks together for the first time. One of his favorite games is banging the drawers in the kitchen. Unfortunately that game needs to be very closely monitored as fingers can easily get stuck in the closing drawer... Sam also very much likes to open and close all sorts of doors right now.
As for sounds Sam continues to have more 'conversations'. Right now he seems to be especially working on the 'p', 't', and 'f' sounds.
We are still having trouble convincing Sam that it's a good idea to get a lot of sleep. At night he generally sleeps from 10 till 8 but his naps are very variable. Mommy is quite sure he isn't getting enough sleep but is doing her best to give Sam opportunities should he want to take them.
Sam has started eating solid food more frequently. He now generally has breakfast and an evening snack in addition to lunch and dinner.

Sam has been 'talking' much more lately. He especially likes talking to his dolphin, Dennis. His babbling has speech-like prosody and he seems to be trying to get into the conversation more.
He has started going forward from sitting a bit more and putting more weight on his arms in preparation for crawling. Still no teeth but his lower gum is sort of red and it seems that teeth are trying to come up.
Sam has started to share. When playing with a toy he will sometimes give it to Mommy or Daddy. He is also starting to make more choices about what toy he wants to play with. Mommy thinks Sam will soon need to have breakfast as he is starting to give Mommy a guilty conscience with longing looks when Mommy and Daddy have breakfast.
Sam has started to think that dancing is fun, both Mommy dancing with Sam and watching M&D dance.
Sleep time is still a bit problematic, although the routine works every now and then.