January, 2003

Sam went to the movies for the first time yesterday! Five other moms and babies from the July group and Sam and I went to see 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. Sam seemed to think the experience was pretty interesting. I liked it better when I moved to a spot where Sam could sit on the floor and play with his toys. Unfortunately Sam had just fallen asleep both when we got there and when it was time to leave, so his sleep patterns were pretty off yesterday, but hopefully he'll get back on schedule today.

Sam LOVES to stand up now. He has taken to refusing to sit down. He can also pull up on Mommy's hands to standing from sitting. Sam has started eating some cooked dairy products and that seems to be going well. He has been sitting up more in his stroller. Sam also has started making more vowel sounds.

Sam can basically sit on his own now. Mommy still likes to have the pillows around him because he does still fall over sometimes but Mommy thinks he may plan that too. Sam now has his own toothbrush although he still doesn't have any teeth yet. But he was so fascinated by brushing teeth Mommy wanted him to have one. The only problem is he is VERY fond of his toothbrush and would ideally like to play with it for longer than Mommy would like to brush her own teeth. But it said on the package that 'toothbrushes are not toys' so Mommy is being somewhat of a hardliner. Now that she thinks about it maybe that is sort of silly. Hmm.
Sam has also been having trouble falling asleep again. In fact Mommy got the sling back out. Today he was way too tired to eat lunch so Mommy put him in the sling and turned on the white noise. After about 10 minutes he was out. Mommy thinks it's getting more tricky because breastfeeding is no longer a guaranteed sleep inducer since Sam is eating more real food. Speaking of real food Sam has started eating protein now. Spaghetti Bolognese got the seal of approval, more so than Sweet Potatoes with Cod.
Sam absolutely loves getting tickles now and he is sometimes initiating games. He is making lots of nightingale sounds. He got to meet several other July group babies in Huddinge the other day. He thought that was a lot of fun but didn't like waiting for the bus by the train station. He is not a fan of sudden loud noises (Daddy says Sam got that from him).

Mommy is having trouble figuring out how best to make sure Sam is getting enough liquid with his meals. Having come this far she would prefer to avoid introducing a bottle. However, a regular glass seems like it may be too much water at once. Sam tried his second type of sippy cup today and that didn't really go so well either. Now that Sam is eating more it seems more important that he be getting more liquid so Mommy is a bit concerned about this.
Also, Mommy is having some trouble with bathtime. Today M&D bought a no-slip mat for the tub; Mommy thought that might solve the problem. But no, Sam really wanted to stretch ALL the way to the back of the tub to get his ducky and in the process he dipped his head under water and breathed in some water. He was not too upset about this but Mommy was quite alarmed. He is like an eel these days and Mommy has of course just read that 'children can drown in just 5cm of water.' Oh dear.
On a more upbeat note, Sam seems to really love his 'White Noise Rain' CD. He has taken some very serious naps with that CD on repeat. M&D are currently leaving it on all night. :)
Tomorrow Sam will get to play on the new play mat Daddy whipped up. It is big enough for Sam to roll quite a bit and padded enough for Sam to fall down from sitting on his own (which he is really good at now).
Sam is getting very close to being able to roll from his back to his tummy.
Mommy is very happy it's a little warmer out now!

We're back now after the trip to visit Håkan's parents in Ed. The train ride was probably more stressful for Mommy than for Sam really. He liked seeing all the people, especially the babies and kids. On the first leg down he made friends with Lorena who was maybe 6 and William who was 10 months. But Sam had a breakdown just before Göteborg and stayed sad until we got on the next train, which was delayed because of the cold. On New Year's Day it was too cold to go outside. Sam had fun visiting with Farmor and Farfar, and they were happy to see him. Sam did well on the ride back right up until the end. He broke down again when we had to get off the train in Stockholm. Luckily he was so happy to be home that he was then able to recover and he went to sleep.
Since coming home Sam has again met Hans N. and Maud and Greger. Maud fed him some pears; good practice as she will soon be a grandma! Sam is looking forward to having a 'kusinbarn' to play with in August!