2012-09-22 @ 17:29 CET
Name: Karen
City: Vermont
Message: Thank You for sharing these entries. It is a pleasure to learn more about things with and for you all there. oxoxo

2011-05-09 @ 8:29 CET
Name: Karen
City: Vermont
Message: I really enjoy reading about your lives... thank you for writing! ox

2010-12-19 @ 10:08 CET
Name: Amy Messier
City: East Brookfield, VT
Message: I enjoyed the blog from start to finish today! Tried to find out why the kids always seemed not well. I hope that all have worked past the fevers and on to health in 2011. Be well and Happy Holidays!

2010-07-05 @ 10:27 CET
Name: Grama Susan
City: Randolph VT
Message: Happy 8th Birthday, Sam! It looks like you had a great party!! The photo of Nina at the wetland center was super!! Love to you all...especially to your mom who puts these great photos on the blog!!

2010-03-27 @ 8:24 CET
Name: morbror jeff
City: baltimore
Message: i think it is swell that you keep this site up to date - i continue to enjoy it

2009-10-26 @ 9:12 CET
Name: Mo
City: Brookfield
Message: Wow - Richmond Park sure looks like a great place! The kids look fantastic!

2009-09-20 @ 5:06 CET
Name: Seema
City: Cupertino
Message: Hi Beth, Sam and Nina are beautiful and so grown up in the latest pics! Hope we can get them together with Samil, one day! Take care, Seema

2009-08-17 @ 9:13 CET
Name: Heiko
City: Wiesloch, Germany
Message: Hi Beth! Happy birthday to you and greetings from Germany! Heiko

2009-07-03 @ 14:48 CET
Name: Björn
City: Falun
Message: Hej SAM och stort grattis på födelsedagen! Ulf o Ing-Marie Andreas,Emma o Julie Lena o Björn (som just nu är samlade på Hagen)

2009-02-25 @ 1:42 CET
Name: Igge
City: Stockholm
Message: Sweet kids!!