November, 2007

Sam is very sick again. His eardrum ruptured two weeks ago and he went on clarithromycin probably to prevent infection. A couple days ago he started to seem under the weather again and yesterday he got a fever. Sure enough, took him back to the doctor, and his throat is partially white and his chest "doesn't sound too good" so he's back on antibiotics again. I should be used to this by now but I'm not, I get worried every time. It's also hard when Sam is sick because he doesn't want to go outside, which means that Nina also has to be inside all day, although we did play football in the back yard. But of course in the back yard we hear the sounds of the renovations they're doing on several buildings close by, and Nina doesn't like that, so runs inside intermittently... but she has one heck of a pass, that girl.

Despite being on clarithromycin since Monday night, Sam is still really unwell. His temp is 38.7 (101.6F) and he can barely eat because his throat is so sore. There are many hard things about that-- the worst is the extra fatigue from the extra worry. It is also hard on Nina and I as we like to go outside but Sam just isn't up to it, especially because it's not very nice out. Then there's the two kids together all day long factor. Maybe we'll bake some more cookies.
I was able to give Nina a bit more of a hair cut this morning which was nice. Her hair is tricky as it all seems to grow from one central whorl so as soon as you think it looks nice, she moves her head and more falls forward. :) Both Nina and Sam are very into Mr. Maker right now, so yesterday we made two Mr. Ants.