November, 2006

A lot has happened since I last wrote. In mid-November Håkan went to South Africa for a full week. Lauren came out the first night to help with bedtime, then we had our first official paid helper, Anna, who came out the following two nights. That help made bedtime much easier. Unfortunately it didn't help much in the middle of the night. The first night was ok, but the second night Sam was up for a couple hours in the middle of the night, and the third night, the whole family woke up at 2:30AM which was, well, horrible. Luckily the following day the amazing Auntie Åsa arrived, and with her help, I recovered a bit from sleep deprivation, we all stayed fairly even-keeled, and we received a lovely pair of curtains for Sam's room (thanks again for everything Åsa!). The last night Anna came out again too and she will be coming this Wednesday and Thursday as well as H. will be in Barcelona.
Sam went to his first-ever Halloween party where despite being reluctant to go in he had a wonderful time and even got to be a magician's assistant. His costume was brought over in person by Grammy and Grampy who came for the weekend in mid-October. It was wonderful to see them! I just wish they could have stayed longer! We are all looking forward to next summer when we will definitely be visiting the States.
Nina has gotten some of her incisors now. They caused her some definite discomfort but that seems to have mostly passed. Nina now has a Burley trailer that she rides in on occasion. That works much better than the bike seat, especially for naps. But unfortunately winter has come to Twickenham and with Nina's fragile temperature control system I think we will only be using the trailer when it's uncommonly warm. Nina is talking up a storm and starting to ask questions. Her favorite question is, "What's your name?" "My name's Nina!!!" (she likes to answer too).
Sam continues to seem to enjoy school although there are clearly some elements that are challenging for him, particularly in the social realm. We have started the statementing process and will know in six weeks whether or not they feel he should be assessed for statementing. Sam has gone to 2 of 6 sessions of an OT course on Saturday afternoons which has been fun and helpful for him.