October, 2006

So Sam has started at Orleans Infant School and it is, as so many things are, a mixed bag. Sam seems to basically really like it but he is not getting 1:1 support at all and could really use it during outside play time in particular. He has to wear a "uniform", which is basically a white or yellow polo shirt, gray pull-up slacks, and a sweatshirt with the school logo (a swan with roses. I like the logo :)). I think he really likes that aspect in particular. There are 30 kids in his class and only 3 adults, but that's how it is at public schools here, so there ya have it. The most troubling thing is that it turns out we could have started the statementing process ourselves. Statementing is what would give him an IEP. We didn't know that. If we had done that last year he could have had help this year. As it is we are about to start the process but it will take 26 weeks minimum to complete (!). Apparently the only thing that has caused Sam real distress while there was the blue gym, which is a soft play area. They are very into sticker rewards so Sam has come home with several "good boy" stickers. ;) It seems to be increasing his confidence and he's learning some fun new songs; Nina and I always like to hear them.
Earlier this week Nina's desire to go to the mall increased. So on Friday night she told H. that she wanted to go to the mall and the "E" (Early Learning Centre toy store). So yesterday morning, after a bit of a rocky start at home (largely based on the switch from week to weekend for Sam I think) we had a mostly pleasant family outing to the Bentall Centre in Kingston. Nina got to ride on both elevators and escalators which thrilled her and both of them had a long, long time to play at the E with the display toys. The key to a fun mall outing seems to be: don't try to actually shop for anything but toys ;).