September, 2008

Today was Sam's first day back at school. He was meant to start yesterday but had an unexplained high fever (yup, despite the tonsillectomy, still have the fevers to contend with). His temp this morning was normal so we sent him, but when he came home it was 38.5. Despite that he seems to have enjoyed his first day. He liked his teacher, Mr. Smith, who is new to the school. After one day back Sam's accent is much more British. I think he was a bit anxious about going. He said this morning that he didn't want to leave home and that he would miss Nina... but he was clearly happy to have seen many of his friends and really liked meeting Mr. Smith, so that's good.
Meanwhile Håkan took Nina in to Piccadilly Circus today. Håkan needed a book that was only available at Waterstone's in Piccadilly, so off they went, braving the rain. They seem to have had a very good time. Nina got to ride in the front on top of a double decker, and got to take the train as well. When they got to Waterstone's Nina announced to Håkan that he could stay in the entry and she would go find a book. ;)
We are now on night 6 or even 7 of no night nursing. Nina seems to think that night nursing is one of the happy face rules, which it isn't, but it's fine by me that she thinks it is, because she is very motivated by the happy face system. She is still coming up to sleep with us, but that's ok with us, as long as nursing is not part of the deal. So now we're down to once a day, and after about a month of this new routine we'll work on going to sleep without nursing.
I don't think I've mentioned that since our trip to Sweden, Nina has started calling me "mamma" almost as often as "mommy." I like both it turns out. :)

Before I start this entry, I would like to note the date.
Today was a very busy day for Nina. She started with Pebbles, came home for lunch, then it was off to gymnastics, followed by ballet. We got the call about gymnastics yesterday, after having been on the waiting list since last January or February. This was the only day they could offer, and I wasn't sure about scheduling her for two activities in the same afternoon. My panel said go for it, and I did, but I'm not completely sure it was the right idea. But after a term we can always drop gymnastics if it proves to be just too much. I could also let the class leaders know that I'd really prefer another day. But apparently gymnastics is very intense as one of the ballet moms told me that they put kids in squads even under 5 and kids in squads are then booked every Saturday from 12-2. That doesn't sound good to me, so I think I may redirect next term, but we'll see. Ah yes, the decisions one makes. Nina did really seem to enjoy both gymnastics and ballet but was definitely tired by dinnertime.
Sam has been having a tough time adjusting to year 2. He had a bit of a run-in with another boy in his class a couple days ago that upset him. I wish we could find the activity or the person that would really connect him at school.
Both Sam and Nina have been way better about bedtime/sleeping lately. Sam is now consistently going to sleep on his own as it is spelled out that there will be no adult in his room past 9. Nina hasn't nursed at night for at least a week now, maybe even longer. Yesterday Nina also made the fabulous choice to not interrupt me when I was talking to other grownups at the Vineyard! That made me extremely happy and I gave her an enormous hug for making such a good choice!