September, 2006

Yesterday we found out that Sam has a place at Orleans School! I was so happy when Håkan called me to tell me that I nearly cried. Sam has been so painfully bored being at home and he is so ready to meet some new friends. He had been number one on the waiting list since we moved here basically. There are of course a few catches. They will be unable to provide 1:1 support unless Sam is statemented. He will probably be ok as long as he can get some support. We are meeting with the SENCO on Tuesday at 2:30 so will learn more then about what they can and can't do. Also school will run from 9-12 which will mean that I will probably need to start feeding Nina something at 11 and hope that she will then sleep for the pickup. I was hoping that the drop-off and pick-up would be easier with the bike trailer we just got. However, when ordering the bike trailer, we forgot that we have a front gate. The trailer doesn't fit through the gate. So I would have to unfold it every time I want to use it. Håkan has informed me in no uncertain terms that I am not to even consider a Pashley Picador adult tricycle with child seats so that leaves me with our lovely but sometimes hated (by Nina) Brio race. Oh, if only I had a license...
Nina continues to talk up a storm. She still sometimes goes to bite if she gets excessively frustrated or if Sam just can't give her enough personal space. But at least her pica tendencies have mellowed out a bit. She is absolutely in love with the watering process, watering the front garden is something she feels should be done over and over. Nina also loves playing chase with Sam and getting tummy kisses from him.
Both kids now have Crocs; Nina's are red and Sam's are "sea blue." There's something about Crocs that just makes one smile, thanks to Grama for introducing them... :)