September, 2005

We had a wonderful trip to Sweden. The only downside was that Sam got a fever the night of the crayfish party and really wasn't himself until the following weekend. It was wonderful for Nina to meet Farmor, Farfar, and the other folks she hadn't met. Sam was especially captivated by Cousin Gustav's electric scooter. ;) Nina and I got to go for a very quiet walk around Mörttjärn. The Swedish forest is maybe even quieter than Vermont mountains. It's a special place for sure and it was good to be there for awhile. Thanks so much to all of you who we saw and extra thanks to Auntie Åsa and Uncle Ronnie who provided housing in Gbg and at LillBricka. We also got to stop by Mia and Lennart's on the way home. That was a funny visit because Sam promptly fell asleep on the couch, he was at that point very feverish, and I nursed Nina in Lennart's office where Nina developed a strong interest in Lennart's "gun cleaner" can and a brass candlestick.
Nina has gotten very into books lately. Her absolute favorite is "Brown Bear Brown Bear." She has a funny habit of shaking her whole head when she gets very excited. It happens sometimes when she sees Håkan too. With Sam she often tries to start "laugh fests." She definitely thinks he is the most fabulous big brother ever. Nina is still trying very hard to learn how to crawl. She's getting closer and closer but still has a bit to go. But she is managing to get around to the extent that she can't be left for very long at all in one place. So that is upping the ante parenting-wise.
Nina's favorite songs right now are "Old McDonald" and still "How Much Is That Doggy." She sometimes tries to sing along which sounds mostly like "Hummbbb... hummbbb." She may also be working on saying "pappa."
Sam has started at Brunswick nursery school. The first few days he seemed completely ok. Yesterday and today he has had a breakdown each day but has recovered quickly. He has been very very tired in the evenings and hasn't been sleeping as well as before but seems to really like going to school for the most part. We have not worked out transportation very well yet and that is hard. I have been carrying Nina back and forth pretty much every time and it's a solid 15-minute walk so I am very tired. Thank god for the crockpot and for my fine husband, that's all I can say. In general our time at home has been a bit tricky as Nina refuses to sleep if Sam is in the room. So I've been having to choose between Sam watching too much TV or Nina not getting enough sleep or me getting tired from taking them out in the morning as well as the afternoon (as Nina will sleep in a sling outside). So on that note of fatigue, I think I'll go to bed. :)