August, 2006

Tonight we celebrated Håkan's birthday on the deck at our new home here at 10 Ailsa Avenue. It is really good to not have to walk over people to get places. That said, we are all having some trouble adjusting. But it is worth it when Nina can play ball in the back garden after dinner and Sam can do and redo the balance section of Orleans Park which overlooks the Thames. :)
Nina is now making two word sentences. She has also learned to slide. I noticed after adding this entry that Nina is now sorely underrepresented on first page pix. I will have to make that up to her starting with my next entry. But now, as usual, it's time for bed.

Today saw the birth of psycho-mommy. It had been a difficult day even before that but now it will go down in history. It was sort of rainy this morning and I had a crockpot dinner to prepare so I was hoping that Nina would sleep after lunch and we could go out after that. But of course she didn't and they were both a bit stir-crazy so I motivated to take them out. I wanted to go to Moormead park but Sam definitely did not want to go there. So ok, we would go to Marble Hill Park. We got there and there was a pretty big group of older kids there. It rained a little bit but that was ok. Then Nina wanted to slide but it was being occupied by 8-10 older kids (maybe 9-10 years old). She likes to ride with me on the big swings so we went to do that. Sam went over to the roundabout and was on it by himself. He is afraid of the roundabout when it starts to move unless he controls it. So the same group of kids that had been at the slide runs over to the roundabout, surrounds Sam, and starts spinning the roundabout quickly. I became instantly FURIOUS. I jumped off the swing, ran over, and stopped the roundabout, meanwhile sort of grabbing one of the boys and yelling, "He is SCARED of going too fast!!! STOP THE ROUNDABOUT!!!" I got Sam off and then I proceeded to yell, "That's it, we are LEAVING this park!!! I have HAD ENOUGH!!!" And I packed both of them up lickety-split, with both of them now crying and screaming, and took them to the grassy part close-by but not visible from the playground, where I proceeded to throw my bag and my sweater. I then placed a call to Grama Susan who was luckily available and who was able to talk me through the worst of my fury. Just thinking about it right now makes me so angry. I miss Cambridge. I am glad to have a bigger house but there are an awful lot of things right now that are much, much harder than they were at Cross Street. But Håkan does seem happier at his job and that is of course very important to the well-being of the family. I do like being in this actual house, it is great to live in like a normal house, although even the house has some quirks, the kind of quirk where you think, "Wow, at this price, it should really be quirkless, but there ya have it." Nina and Sam have both gotten used to the flight path and sleep more soundly at night here I think, although last night Nina slept badly, which is part of the reason I was already on edge today. Poor Nina, she was unable to understand what was going on, and couldn't understand my explanation. Sam did, I think, although the whole thing did upset him quite a bit. What I really, really need is a license, but that is going to be exceedingly difficult to acquire. Sounds like a good New Year's resolution.
Nina continues to be more and more talkative. Right now her favorite book is Nina, Nina, Ballerina, which Auntie Karen and family found for her last year. She loves it and does a bunch of the movements from it which is quite hilarious. Her version of "flitting from flower to flower" is especially entertaining. Nina and Sam are being much more sibling-y. Nina gets all excited about Sam chasing her. She is also requiring a lot of holding and sling time which is also a bit challenging. I know I only am sort of making it up to her with today's picture as Sam is also in it but it had the actual roundabout in it so it was very appropriate. ;)
I also again contacted the LEA today and Sam is still just first on the waiting list at the school that seems good that is reasonably close by. So that is also very concerning. But now it's late and I am off to bed.

It was wonderful to see everybody on our trip to Sweden. The trip was full of good times. There were also some difficult times, especially the flights to and from Sweden and the car ride from Ed to Stockholm, that showed that travel with little ones is rough going. But Sam got to pilot a boat several times and Nina got to ride the elevator at Långholmen many times and both of them got to bask in the glow of family and friends making it well worth the effort. :)
Now Sam is yet again under the weather. Nina meanwhile is combining 2 words left and right. She is completely in love with the theme song to "Thomas the Tank Engine" and also still loves this very funny 70s kids show called "Button Moon."
Today the apartment got homier after a Bank Holiday trip to Ikea. Good night all!