July, 2009

Sam turned 7 last Friday! He celebrated by spending 2 nights in a huge tent in our back garden with Håkan.
Nina finished her antibiotics today for a second case of tonsillitis. She really enjoyed performing in her ballet show on Saturday, and today she got to wear Vineyard uniform for the first time ever for her taster session in what will be her classroom next year.

Since I last wrote, Nina has graduated from Pebbles and Sam has had a smashing multisports birthday party. Nina's graduation ceremony was very sweet and as several of the teachers were clearly moved by the occasion, it was a losing battle to hold back tears myself. They are certainly growing up.
The weather was just right for Sam's party last Saturday. There were about 20 seven-year old boys there and a few younger girls, invited to keep Nina company. The coaches were fantastic and all the boys seemed to really enjoy themselves. Nina joined in for the first half, then went to the playground for the second half. Sam was very pleased about the Lego Power Miners present in particular.
We heard for sure that Sam will have a new LSA next year. We hope very much that that will work out well- Sam's current LSA is so good, it seems a pity to lose her, but hopefully it will be a step towards further independence for Sam.
On Sunday we went to the Big Lunch street party with All Soul's, which was a lovely way to spend a Sunday lunchtime. Sam and Nina both have favourite songs at church now.
We have all really enjoyed having the N.s back in town for a visit, especially Nina, who is thrilled to have her best friend back in town.