July, 2008

Just a quick note to say that Sam had a lovely 6th birthday party last Saturday. We were very lucky to have friends who helped us out enormously before, during, and after the party. The children all seemed to have a good time.
Sam has been super active lately as he has been choosing to bike to school more often than not. It seems to be good for his health as he seems to have kicked the latest attempt by tonsillitis to take hold.
Nina especially liked the spy set that Sam got at his party and went around being Spy Nina for several days, which included talking into this voice distorter in a very funny way. She is now asleep on the bottom bunk in Sam's room for the first time ever, we'll see if that affects her normal nightly wake-up at all (hope springs eternal).
Nina can swim! Last night, at her second-ever swimming session, H. let go of her in the deep end while she was holding a floaty "noodle," and lo and behold, she just stayed right up. Sam continues to enjoy playing in the water and especially likes treading water. :)

Sam is awake after a tonsillectomy and seems to be feeling well. We got back yesterday from a lovely, although brief, trip to Sweden where we very much enjoyed meeting Farmor and all Håkan's brothers and sisters.

A bit more about the trip to Sweden... we started in Göteborg at Universeum which was a big hit. It turns out Nina is anxious about aquariums but boy did she love the electric drum kit. Sam really liked the aquarium section and had a good time on the mini climbing wall. That night we stayed in the Mölndal Scandic. The following morning we had the breakfast buffet and Sam got to give Sigge, the hotel mascot, a hug. Nina felt that Sigge was a bit too big, but she liked the Scandic elevator. Then it was off to Ed. On Friday afternoon we took Märta to Falkholts where we met all of Håkan's siblings and all their partners except for Marianne who wasn't able to be there (we missed her). I had been hoping that Vildmarksporten would find a babysitter as I was quite anxious about bringing the kids to a nice restaurant, but they couldn't, so the kids came along. Dinner went remarkably well. We had brought the kids' backpacks full of entertainment options which really helped. It was a lovely dinner and will be a lasting memory.
Saturday we spent mostly at the beach at Lilla Le. Nina really enjoyed getting tickles from Auntie Lena and Sam enjoyed playing in the water with Lena and Pappa. Both kids had fun sitting in Uncle Björn's kayak and both Håkan and I got to go even further.
After breakfast on Sunday it was time to head back. We once again appreciated the fabulous play structure at Arlanda-- every airport should have one. We wished it could have been a longer trip, and hopefully next year it will be.