July, 2007

In the time since I last wrote, Sam has gotten an aide at schoool, both Sam and Nina have had and recovered from chicken pox, and Sam has suffered a hairline fracture at the base of his right pinky finger which seems now to be mostly healed. Nina has fallen off the top bunk of a bunk bed with very few ill effects (thank goodness). Sam has also turned 5! Maybe that's part of why he has begun to get much better at sleeping in his own room all night long without adult assistance.
Sam has also gone to a football party hosted by a couple kids in his class. Nina and Sam both got to go to the Wagtails picnic where both of them very much enjoyed running around mostly with Ella (except for when Ella and Sam ran into each other, resulting in a fairly serious lump on the forehead for Sam, and probably for Ella too).
We survived 4 nights without Håkan, who was in Denver, and made it less grueling by hiring help for 3 of the 4 evenings. But since Håkan is going away again on Monday and won't be back till late Tuesday, I better get off to bed so I can be as well-rested as possible. But before that, I also must mention that Sam had a very good visit to the Vineyard on Thursday afternoon and got to spend 45 minutes with a Year 1 class taught by the woman who will be his teacher next year. Hooray!
As for Nina, she continues to roll with the nicknames, her current moniker is Catwoman or lobster depending on if Sam feels into Batman or Aqua Raiders. She is very into dancing and sun salutations at the moment, but does not like it when I sing. She is also getting much more interested in writing and drawing, perhaps largely because of the easel H. picked up at Ikea recently.