June, 2006

So much has happened since I last wrote. The illness that Sam had/has resulted in a fever of 106.4F shortly after my last entry. He went on antibiotics and seemed better for a little while, then he seemed worse again, and this time it was his ear and throat that were obviously acting up, so he's back on antibiotics.
Nina has been trying very hard to communicate more. Just tonight she learned the word "strawberry" and decided that she liked strawberries very much (she has only seemed lukewarm to them in the past). She continues to be very social. Today she missed Sam and Pappa quite a bit, as they were in London doing reconnaisance, because, well, we're moving to London. Håkan has accepted a job in SW London and we will move at the end of this month. It was quite a difficult decision to make/accept but hopefully it will be a good decision for Håkan and for our family.
Nina got the MMR last week and was feverish for a couple days. The nurse said the fever may come back a week after the shot and that seems to be true, Nina was running hot again tonight. Nina also continues to have some pica going on, she will generally not put dirt in her mouth if I catch her in time, but it can make being outdoors quite challenging. Despite that we did have a very nice time at the Swedish school picnic yesterday.