May, 2009

The big news since I last wrote is that several weeks ago, Nina stopped nursing to go to sleep. We had been nursing only once a day, at night, for a very very long time. Finally I decided that Håkan and I should alternate nights putting the kids to sleep. When we started that I realized that Nina was actually quite capable of going to sleep without nursing. We had one night of crying, then the next night that it was my turn she complained a bit, and since then, it has been a non-issue. Nina now goes to sleep on her own every night. Tonight she even took herself to the bathroom for a wee and a drink.
Nina has also started football. She is the only girl in a group of twenty, which I find very surprising and rather disturbing, but Nina doesn't seem to mind at all. She gets right in there. It is absolutely fabulous to watch-- and I think it's a sport she really enjoys.
Sam continues to enjoy football quite a lot as well and it is working out well to have him play afterschool on Mondays at the Vineyard and Saturdays with the Bridge.
Moving house meant that we gained a wall that would be just right for a piano (smaller house overall, but more sensible layout). So, a couple weeks ago, a very old but still lovely piano arrived. It is basically in good shape, except for the D above the C above middle C which is jangly). Grandma Susan kindly sent along Teaching Little Fingers to Play, and Sam has now learned two songs, and is very proud to play them. Nina likes to sing along using the microphone of our mini electric piano. It is wonderful to have the house filled with more music. I am so very glad we were able to get a piano.
Nina is missing her good friend Caroline who had to go back to Denmark suddenly, but will hopefully be returning sometime soon.