May, 2007

Today we all went to Kew Gardens. It's a Bank Holiday weekend and they had sent out flyers about their "Woodland Wonders" fair which would include archery. Sam is rather fascinated by archery and the fair sounded interesting so off we went. I got to drive as I am now allowed to drive as long as Håkan is in the car. My driving practice has provided the kids with some very good entertainment as I keep forgetting where the clutch is, resulting in what Sam calls "bad starts." Now the kids like to say, "That's not the clutch," after which they crack up. ;) Anyway the fair started off with a carriage ride pulled by 2 shire horses which I thought was cool, Nina thought was a boat ride, and Sam was skeptical. Once we got to Woodland Wonders Nina was quite perplexed as she obviously thought Kew Gardens meant only Climbers and Creepers, the children's play zone. But Sam did like the archery and the giant bugs, and Nina got to see some Morris dancing, which is always a good thing. So then it was off to Climbers and Creepers itself where Nina exhibited a very long attention span for the slide they have there and Sam enjoyed himself as well. We learned that next time we will pack a lunch and bring a kiddy board, but all in all, we had a lovely time.
We continue to have enormous difficulties with Sam and school. We've been to our first disagreement resolution meeting with the LEA and will be going back in a couple weeks. In the meantime I am trying to rewrite the Statement of Special Needs draft they have submitted.
Nina continues to be very into spelling and Bamse 4 in a Row. She still loves rocks and loves to be outside.
Sam's current thing is the weather, so right now according to him, we all have weather nicknames: thundercloud (Sam), blizzard (H), tornado (Nina), and hurricane (me). Meanwhile Nina has decided we have tractor-tipping nicknames from the movie "Cars," so hers is "fu-un" and mine is "dozy" (Sam and H's are unclear as of yet...). Oh, they're funny kids, and so cute together on that leaf.