May, 2006

It is very difficult to update the diary these days as Nina wakes up from too much typing and while she's awake doesn't really tolerate computer time. Both kids were sick over the weekend. Sam is still not well, but seems ok as he's so used to being not at 100%. Nina seems pretty much better but I still don't know if tomorrow's the right day for her MMR (which is 2 weeks overdue...).
Nina is trying to say more and more words. She is also getting better at the letters of the alphabet. She is surprisingly good at "q". She adores the Patti LaBelle rendition of the alphabet song on the Sesame Street video. She has gotten 2 molars. I'm a bit worried that she may have pica as she seems compelled to eat dirt on occasion. It makes park visits a bit tricky. On the other hand she also likes to bring me daisies so that I'll sing "Daisy Daisy". Nina is getting very good at feeding herself and likes to feed me too. :)
Sam's application to repeat Brunswick was refused by the LEA but Brunswick has offered him a place and Nicola and Fiona, the head teacher, say that they are willing to fight the LEA if necessary.
Sam has been trying to tell knock-knock jokes for the past few days so today I found a knock-knock joke site online with 8 pages of them. We have had some good laughs today. Sam hasn't completely gotten the concept but has memorized several of the jokes and likes to improvise. :)
Must go to bed as tomorrow will be a long day, H. leaves at 5:50AM and won't be back till late...