April, 2009

A great deal has happened since I last wrote, but as it is late at night, this will only be a quick summary.
We had a fantastic week at Bendrigg Trust in the Lake District. The kids got to try activities ranging from free-hang abseiling (rappelling), to caving (both indoor and outdoor), to toasting marshmallows. It was a good bonding week for the family and we hope to be able to do it again next year, provided Three Wings gets funding for it. The kids made some new friends and deepened some relationships with other friends, as did Håkan and I.
Right after we came back, we started the moving house project. We are now reasonably settled into the new house although there are many kinks left to work out. The kids have been quite good about it but I know it has been hard for them. It has been hard for me too but I know that come September, when both kids are going to the Vineyard, I will be thanking my lucky stars that I don't have to sit in car traffic for forty minutes a day transporting children. We also have a park much closer-by; albeit a park with no grass, but it has a fenced-in area for ball sports and some basic play equipment-- what more do you need, really. It is interesting to live in such a more urban environment, and surprising that moving such a short distance could result in such a change of neighbourhood character.
Sam has decided to drop chess club for now in order to join afterschool football at the Vineyard on Monday afternoons. That way he can also keep Saturday morning football with the Bridge (a charity for kids with social communication disorders). I think that will be a good solution. In other football news, Nina started football classes today. I thought there would be at least four or five girls, but there was only one other girl in a group of about twenty kids. That didn't stop Nina from having an excellent time, and she demonstrated her wonderful running and powerful kick.
Today the Nielsens came over and we had a lovely lunch and a good play at pub park. Then it was time for Violet's party at Pizza Express. All in all a very lovely day. The evening was a bit more problematic as Sam got a bit upset at bedtime. What I have figured out is that I must act as if I am a superconfident mommy at bedtime in order to have the kids feel that it's ok to go to sleep. You know what they say, it's all about acting as if, and if you do it long enough, it will start to sink in. I'll keep trying... We have finally started a kid bedtime alternation routine, so H. does Nina's bedtime every other night, and her bedtime was a dream tonight.
One final note: Nina has decided she wants to become an actress. Towards that end we had a rollicking reenactment of the "Cobra" bit of "The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me" a couple days ago, complete with finger puppets.