April, 2007

As usual, it's been a very long time since I last wrote. On March 26, I had day surgery. We were lucky enough that the surgery coincided with Grama Susan's vacation so she was able to come and help out. Thank you so much Grama Susan, your assistance that week was invaluable, and it was wonderful having you here! One day Grama Susan ended up having to go back and forth to Orleans school 3 times as it was Sam's Spring Festival. Seeing Sam's school made Grama Susan quite sympathetic about the level of stress his attendance there has caused for us. It was good to have that validated by another person. Speaking of stress, following the surgery I developed guttate psoriasis, which is frequently triggered by stress and a sore throat, so the kids now have a rather spotty mom, which I'm getting used to, but I do wish the sore throat bit would go away. Sam continues to have a cough and both the kids have needed eye drops (that's always fun).
Both Sam and Nina really enjoyed spending time with Grama Susan. Nina's spell of stranger anxiety seems happily to be over and she is getting much better at dealing with my absence. In fact on April 9th Håkan and I spent an hour and a half together in Richmond while Maryam watched the kids. We were very lucky to find Maryam-- she speaks Swedish and gets along quite well with both kids. The only drawback is that she probably won't be in England for very long.
School has continued to be a source of immense stress for both Sam and me. During the week Grama Susan was here Sam was pushed down on the playground. The scar is visible in some of the pix from late March in the gallery. The school apologized and said they had not had adequate playground supervision that day-- well, duh. On a positive note, we met with the SENCo of the Vineyard on March 28th and she was wonderful. As soon as Sam gets his statement he will go to the top of the Vineyard waiting list. We still don't know how he'll get there and back but we'll do whatever it takes, as we feel quite sure it will be a better environment for him.
Sam's current obsession is Monopoly, which he plays both on the computer and on the conservatory table. He has taught Nina the text of the Go To Jail card-- it's quite funny to hear her say it.
Nina attended Gymboree for a couple months; Gymboree is an organized sort of gym/music experience for kids. She got used to it although it was rough going at first. I think it was good for her socially.
Nina continues to like to call us by nicknames. Currently we are all characters from the CBeebies show "The Numberjacks." So Nina is Spooky Spoon, Sam is the Numbertaker, I'm Shape Japer, and H. is the Puzzler. We continue to be letters and numbers intermittently. Both kids continue to love knock-knock jokes and the Backyardigans.
Sam is getting better at biking and Nina is getting used to her new bike seat-- ended up giving up on the trailer as it just wasn't practical for sidewalk traffic.
Finally, I want to mention that on Thursday, April 5th, Farfar passed away peacefully. We love you and miss you Sven. May you rest in peace.