April, 2006

I only have time for a quick entry which is really too bad as Nina has really turned into her own little person now. She is using some sign language, like for "more," "clean," and "dirty." She is obsessed by the alphabet (hmmm....) and her most-adored book is actually a book Sam got as a gift, a beautiful book of paintings called "Alphabet City" (thanks Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jeana!).
Today we went to a Swedish school "Valborg" party. Sam had a brilliant time playing in the treehouse, especially when a couple of the older girls sent things up on the rope, and Nina had a blast with a Moomin coffee cup. A good time was had by all. Nina is tolerating the car much better now that she faces front. Sam and Nina are starting to make up their own games, it's very cute. Of course there is still rivalry and a bit of aggression but hey, whatchya gonna do. I can tell they love each other truly deep down.

Nina is getting yet another tooth. She drooled so much this evening I had to change her pajama top and even the onesie underneath. She is wanting to climb, run, and jump. We've started playing in the garden at Brunswick a bit when we go to pick Sam up and she loves that. She doesn't want to leave. She was knocked over (fairly accidentally) by another child there the other day but was luckily on the grass and recovered very quickly.
Nina and Sam now have this tickle game going where I count to 10 in French and on 10, Nina gets tickles, then Sam counts to 20 and he gets tickles. It's the first game they've been in on together. Sam is all interested in French because of this book about Preston Pig that the school has a copy of in both English and French. Nina is also very into my hair right now, heaven forbid I should cut it. ;) Her favorite books are currently "Harry the Dirty Dog," "The Runaway Train," "Nutty Numbers," and still "Alphabet City."
After telling me that we should try to potty train Sam over Easter break, Brunswick decided to take matters into their own hands this week. On Monday night Sam was difficult. On Tuesday he had a low fever (100.1F) and was EXTREMELY difficult. On Wednesday when I arrived at Brunswick the 1-1 (who is now the one that we are not super fond of) was like, "Sam spent all day Monday in big boy pants [aka underwear] and we're going to do it again today. Let's go to the bathroom Sam!" So Sam started to protest and I fled the scene. I was then quite worked up for the rest of the afternoon. On Thursday Sam really did not want to go, so I called and said he didn't and it was because of the potty training, and Nicola said they would skip it that day. It is quite unbelievable to me that they would take it upon themselves to do that without telling us first. I have to try not to think too much about it or I just want to pull him out of school. But both he and I need him to be at school. Especially he needs to be at school. And this is our school option. When I went to pick him up on Thursday Nicola said that we should talk about what to do when he has his freakouts as "he is manipulating" us. Well, OK, sometimes, maybe even often, but not every time, and not this time. Oh, tra la la. Anyway now it's bedtime...