March, 2009

Only time for a quick note tonight, but wanted to report that a few days ago Nina learned how to say "l" properly, so she can now say "I love you" and it sounds absolutely wonderful. She continues to every once in awhile do "I absolutely love you" dances which are so super sweet. She even did one in the pool yesterday. Nina has also started spending Monday afternoon with Sarah the childminder as I am taking a 10-session long free parenting course at the Vineyard and, this being England, the borough will pay for my childcare. It works out wonderfully for us both. Sarah has a huge climbing frame in her big garden and is very engaged, so Nina is having an absolutely brilliant time with her. I get to go get tips about how to parent more effectively, have a cup of tea, and chat with other moms.
Sam continues to be very into football at the moment, and seems to be adopting the goalie position as his place on the pitch. Today he happened to find a padded glove in the closet while looking for his coat, so he decided to take that to school, although we didn't have time to look for the other one. He used it during playtime to make a save. :) He will be graduating from the ASD football class at Easter break and will start at Vineyard school Saturday football when school is back in session.
There is a little girl from Denmark, Caroline, in Nina's ballet class who has been having lots of trouble joining in without her mom in the room. In an effort to make her feel more comfortable we went over to Caroline's place one morning to play. Nina was very sweet and tried hard to be a good ballet buddy. The two of them seem to have struck up a non-verbal friendship and will hopefully be getting together again this week. Nina was also very kind to a little girl who got stuck a couple times on the climbing frame in the church garden after church on Sunday. Nina went over and put Millie's foot back on the bar so Millie could keep climbing.
Sam gave me what I think must be one of his first-ever spontaneous hugs the other day. Of course another day recently I started the morning as "the worst mommy in the world," but luckily by the end of the day, I had magically become "the best mommy in the world" thanks to my help with Sam's efforts to create a Zoob football pitch.

Nina has found a friend! We met Caroline and her mom at Boat Park this morning after Nina's haircut, and the girls had a lovely time playing together. Then at school pickup they played a bunch of running around games and drank from the water fountain together. It was absolutely heart-warming to see Nina enjoy herself so thoroughly.
Sam has finally, after about a year of fairly regular weekly swimming sessions, decided that he can go underwater. He is clearly just about ready to start learning how to swim in earnest. We got Sam goalkeeper gloves because it seems that that will be his chosen football position. He says they helped him to make some saves today. :)