March, 2006

It seems like Nina has grown up so much since my last entry. She is now saying Nina-variations of "hat," "out," "Bob," "Kipper," and "book." She has a very runny nose today and has been pretty unhappy for much of the day but is getting much steadier on her feet and is now able to move the tub that was our bottom stair barrier so that she can now climb up the stairs... hmm... She developed her first serious interest a couple weeks ago- standing toys up. Especially a toy we call "little man" who goes with "little car," he was her first "standing" effort.
Sam has been getting better generally speaking about going to Brunswick which has made life much more pleasant. Resistance still increases as the week goes on but is decreasing overall.
We had a fairly social weekend last weekend; Jo came over for a bit on Saturday and then Liz, Jim, Eddie and Thomas came on Sunday. That was a full house but a good visit. Eddie is in Sam's class at Brunswick and I think it may have been a bit confusing for Sam to see him on a Sunday. So there were some meltdowns Sunday afternoon/evening but Monday was a good day which made up for it.
We are all excited to see Grama Susan this coming Sunday. She picked a very appropriate day to arrive too, it's Mothering Sunday here in the UK that day.