January, 2007

It has been a very, very long time since I last wrote, and I can't write much in this entry, as I must soon go to bed. Since I last wrote, it has become clear that Sam really needs extra help at school, so we're going through this very frustrating process to try to get him a Statement. A Statement is a legal document outlining a child's special needs and specifying the help they will get to meet those needs. This process is taking up huge amounts of my time and energy.
Turns out Nina knows our home phone number. ;) She likes to have pretend conversations where each of us (or she and Håkan) talk on a different Fisher Price toy phone. She continues to be a ray of sunshine.
Both Sam and Nina are currently very into the Backyardigans. Sam is especially into the pirate episode and Nina is more about the soccer episode. So we've got lots of soccer and walking the plank going on. Luckily the Backyardigans actually have some really good music on their show, so I'm into them too.
The picture for this entry is from Climbers and Creepers, an indoor play area at Kew Gardens that we went to on New Year's Day (half-price entry for recycling one's Christmas tree ;)). Nina ended up napping al fresco in my lap while I soaked up some sun that hinted at spring being not too far away...