January, 2006

Sam started back at Brunswick last week after much back and forth and worry on my part. He seems to be doing OK there but it is definitely a mixed bag. On the one hand he is already getting kinda unhealthy. He has a slightly elevated temp, looks weird around his eyes, and doesn't want to be in the sun/be outside. On the other hand he made a wooden airplane today and got to use the saw himself, his British accent is returning, and at least he's not gorking out in front of the TV every afternoon. I know I should be more que sera sera about Sam but I just wish he could seem physically healthy for a nice long time. That would make it easier to make decisions that will affect his mental health, such as sending him back to nursery.
Nina took a couple little tiny steps yesterday! She is starting to point things out in books. She babbled a lot today which warmed my heart. The closest she's gotten to words are her attempts to say "tittut" (Swedish for peekaboo), "croissant," and "cracker." :) I'm trying hard to get her out of her late nap-10pm bedtime pattern, because that's just not workin' for me. Tonight she seems to be going with 8:30 which is much better.